ActiveCampaign Benefits & Perks

ActiveCampaign Benefits & Perks

At ActiveCampaign, we are committed to living our values. To make this a reality, we ensure our benefits and perks align with each value — so we can achieve our goals together. 

Make the Customer a Hero

We are a customer-obsessed organization — our customers’ success drives everything we do.  We do everything in our power to help our customers achieve their goals and become a hero in their own organization.

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To do this, we need to be experts at our own platform – and that takes hands-on experience. Some employees might even want to run their own business using our tools. That’s why, in addition to our new employee onboarding program, we provide every team member with an ActiveCampaign account and unlimited access to all of our training materials – including all paid training – to make sure you can sit (digitally) side-by-side with customers as you work to make them successful.

Coming Soon! We also want to reward you for spreading the word about ActiveCampaign to prospective customers, so we’ll soon be launching an incentive program for employees to refer new customers.

Start with Trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, from the ones we build with each other to the relationships we build with our customers, partners, and community.
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We know that trust starts with our leadership, so our CEO works hard to cultivate trust and transparency. One way he does this is by answering employee questions weekly, including a monthly results wrap-up, so you never have to question how our business is growing. We hear our employees and their questions through their managers and anonymously through a monthly employee net promoter survey and annual manager feedback program.

Looking for feedback? We have a 360° employee feedback program that allows every team member to gain insights from their manager and their teammates. This combined with a structured career conversations program ensures you’re growing as we’re growing. 

Starting with trust also means offering the flexibility needed to balance work and home, which is why we offer open paid time-off and flexible work schedules for most positions.

We also know you need tools to do your job well, so every employee has an Apple Macbook, a $250 quarterly work-from-home stipend, and modern technology for our development team and across the company including Google Apps, Slack, Confluence, and more. 

For our team and people leaders, we offer manager training programs and management resource groups (MRG’s). For all employees, we offer training resources through the Conscious Leadership Group, to create a shared language for communication and management.

Pursue Growth with Gratitude

As we grow, we will stay grounded, be grateful for the rewards that growth returns, and lean into opportunities to have a positive impact on others and our communities.

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ActiveCampaign makes it easy for everyone to support important causes as we give back to our communities. ActiveCampaign contributes over $200 per employee each year through Bonusly, our employee recognition platform, that can be used to celebrate your growth or to donate to the success of non-profits and other organizations in need. 

Through ActiveImpact, ActiveCampaign’s philanthropic arm, we match employee donations dollar for dollar to approved charities up to $500 USD. Additionally, ActiveCampaign offers 3 days of volunteer time off (VTO) for all employees annually.

We’re also grateful for the team that allows us to grow, so every employee can be nominated for our annual President’s Club, rewarding our most celebrated team members for their contributions.  For any employee who has been with the company for 5 years, we offer a month long, paid sabbatical so the team can recharge and explore new life opportunities. 

We also ensure our growth by making sure employees have what they need to be happy and healthy, including full medical, dental, vision, life & disability insurance, and several other voluntary benefits in addition to competitive pay. ActiveCampaign offers a plan where 100% of your medical, dental, vision, life & disability are covered with costs for additional family members or alternative plans highly subsidized.

We provide telemedicine and mental health benefits for all US employees, as well as a premium subscription to the Calm app for all employees. Access to the Modern Health platform gives you and your dependents access to remote therapy, on-demand wellness resources, and professional coaching. We’re only as good as our teams, so employee health and wellness are critical to ActiveCampaign.

We’re particularly proud of our generous 401K matching with no wait or vesting requirements and our employee equity program. This is beyond what almost every other private technology companies offers, making these benefits some of the most competitive in our industry. 

We hope you tell others how much you love working at ActiveCampaign, and reward those who do with an employee referral bonus.

Cultivate Inclusion and Diversity

We love our differences and want employees to join us in our pursuit of company-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

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This includes encouraging employees through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and the launch of our new ActivePerspectives program that brings world champions, philanthropists, entertainers, business leaders, bestselling authors, and other unique voices — to celebrate and educate ActiveCampaign employees on topics related to our values. 

We offer all employees the chance to come together for our Unfiltered Conversations series where topics such as racism and belonging can be discussed in an open forum.

As members of Time to Vote and ElectionDay.Org all employees are provided time off to vote. All global national election voting days that take place on a workday will be a paid day off.

We also know that great DEI means ongoing education, so we provide access to training in conjunction with the Nova Collective for all employees. We have stated diversity goals and invite our team members to participate in a twice-annual self identification survey with the results shared across the organization.

Create WOW!

Our goal is to make every encounter with ActiveCampaign stand out as memorable, positive, and rewarding. We want to wow you, and have some new perks we hope you love.

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We’ve partnered with Shift to go beyond work with curated amenities like yoga and pilates, public lectures, crafts and DIY courses, and more.

We have benefits specifically for parents, including a 529 College Savings Pass-Through Plan, parental leave (including adoption, surrogacy, or any way a child comes into your life), access to Milk Stork if you travel for work, and a family planning and fertility concierge.  

Our benefits package offers options including discounted identity theft monitoring, legal services, home insurance, pet insurance, auto insurance, and more.

We are also committed to individual success, which spurs team success by ensuring that every team can host (digital) outings and team building, so we create WOW together.  

We help you stay connected with those on other teams with our automated coffee roulette program. We bring our global teams together twice a year for (digital) kickoffs to ensure we are all aligned to the mission and know how to create success together.

Iterate everything, always

We choose paths that are not always scalable — and that’s okay. We have long term goals, but understand that we will never see them come true if we don’t iterate quickly and often.

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2020 took us all by surprise. We had to rethink our benefits to make sure they matched the current climate for success and new ways of working. Our offices will open up sometime after June 2021, and when they do we’ll have a number of benefits to share including a fully-staffed coffee bar, free-lunch, and more.

We don’t feel like our work is done. If you have ideas to make our benefits better, let us know. We iterate everything, always!   

Thank You! 

The ActiveCampaign People Team

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