85,000 ActiveCampaign Customers Use An Integration. App Studio Lets You Build One.

85,000 ActiveCampaign Customers Use An Integration. App Studio Lets You Build One.

All in one marketing and automation platforms are a myth. Businesses aren’t one size fits all, and too many martech platforms claim to do everything out of the box — without actually being great at anything.

Instead of bloated all-in-one platforms, businesses at the front of the pack are connecting a suite of tools that are the best at what they do. Building a stack that connects marketing, sales, and service lets these businesses create incredible customer experiences.

85,000 ActiveCampaign customers use an integration through the App Ecosystem — which makes it the most-used ecosystem of any marketing automation provider in the world.

With today’s launch of App Studio, it’s easier than ever for developers to build integrations and get in front of those customers.

What is App Studio?

App Studio is a portal within the ActiveCampaign platform that lets developers build integrations directly on ActiveCampaign. App Studio gives developers the ability to…

  • Write and test code within ActiveCampaign
  • Submit code for review
  • Submit an approved app directly to the App Ecosystem
  • Reach 120,000 ActiveCampaign customers

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App Studio is the fastest way to build on top of a category-leading Customer Experience Automation platform and get in front of ActiveCampaign’s 120,000+ customers.

App Studio gives developers:

  • Inline validation
  • Real time logs
  • Version management
  • The ability to publish directly to the App Ecosystem

For more detailed ActiveCampaign documentation and information on building with ActiveCampaign, see our developer portal.

“Our developers said the App Studio documentation had clear instructions and lucid examples. The sample configuration files and communication flow charts were actionable and easy to follow. Our developers had only 3 questions for the ActiveCampaign team and received responses promptly. Everything else was thoroughly and extensively explained in the documentation.” – Kamil Rejent, CEO, Survicate

How can you get access to App Studio?

Developers (and customers) can access App Studio via ‘Apps’ in the left hand nav of the ActiveCampaign platform. App Studio exists entirely within the ActiveCampaign platform, which allows for easy access to a developer’s sandbox account and existing automations.

A sandbox account (or ActiveCampaign account) is required in order to access App Studio. If you don’t have an ActiveCampaign account, it’s easy to request a sandbox account through the App Partner program page — and the App Studio experience is generally designed to be as easy for partners to use as possible.

“Overall, in business you want to build partnerships and relationships with companies that share your values. Working with ActiveCampaign and their App Studio environment solidified that AC is a team that cares deeply about their partners and the mutual success of our initiatives together.” – Casey Hill, Head of Growth, Bonjoro

si1c48naf pastedimage017App Studio ‘homescreen’

App Studio lets you develop new integrations, join a thriving App Ecosystem, and reach a highly-engaged audience of 120,000 ActiveCampaign customers.

Thanks to Bonjoro, Sakari, Xoxoday Plum, Donate2, Spiffy, Survicate, OptinGun, and UnsubCentral  for being early developers in App Studio. You can become an App Partner and get a free sandbox account here.

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