ActiveCampaign Announces Inaugural Customer Advisory Board

One of our core values at ActiveCampaign is “make the customer a hero.” In our Product org, we live this value by engaging with our customers, listening to their feedback, and building products and tools that will best serve their growth. 

This year, we’re excited to introduce ActiveCampaign’s inaugural Customer Advisory Board. As we continue to grow and innovate as a company, we recognize the continued importance of understanding the needs and expectations of our customers. Our CAB will serve as a forum for some of our most engaged customers and partners to provide feedback and recommendations to help guide our product strategy and roadmap, and ultimately strengthen our customer experience.

Our CAB will provide us with a deeper understanding of emerging trends and opportunities in the market and insights into the evolving needs of our diverse customer base. They will play a crucial role in helping us continue to innovate and provide our customers with the best possible tools and services. 

Our inaugural cohort is composed of a diverse group of ActiveCampaign customers, representing various industries and company sizes, all with a shared commitment to helping our company better serve our customers. Our members are carefully selected based on their ability to provide objective insights and advice. They bring extensive experience and expertise to the table, and will meet regularly with our product team to collaborate closely on our product development efforts, research, and insights.

Meet ActiveCampaign’s 2023 Customer Advisory Board members: 

Andres Escobar, CEO & Founder at Existaya

Bas Roosen, Technical Support Lead at MailBlue

Carl Taylor, Entrepreneur, Author, Investor and Founder of Automation Agency

Felipe Malgero, Founder of InboxAcademy

Jerry Lee, Co-Founder of Wonsulting

Johann Berby, Founder of Groove Like a Pig Publishing OÜ

Jovana Vujnic, Director at BumperLeads

Kay Peacey, Founder and CEO at Slick Business Ltd.

Megan Vaughn, Strategy & Solutions Consultant at BlueLena

Mike Kontomanolis, Senior Email Manager at Whole30

Robert Segelquist, Owner/Integrator/Marketer at Derivative Advertising

Sydney Lynch, Director of Customer Experience at L2

Tim Preston, Founder and Director at Vybrnt

Zach Zagar, Sr. Communications and PR at Byrider

We believe that our CAB will be a vital part of helping us continue to deliver market-leading products in marketing and sales automation. We are thrilled about the impact this board will have on our company and our customers, and we look forward to working with them to drive success for all.

Interested in applying for our next cohort of Customer Advisory Board members? Send us an email at

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