ActiveCampaign is excited to unveil a joint integration with mobile ad platform AdLeads. This partnership allows us to expand our core value to now allow customers to instantly grow their email lists via geo-targeted, “Cost Per Lead” mobile marketing campaigns; all ActiveCampaign users can visit this landing page to instantly claim a free $75 mobile marketing credit!

AdLeads is designed specifically to meet the needs of busy small business owners: campaigns are easily customized, quickly generated, and deliver a quantifiable ROI; rather than buying hard-to-track and often accidental clicks or impressions, merchants using AdLeads are only charged when a customer opts-in to sign-up for a newsletter or claim a coupon. Integrating a lead generation product like AdLeads is a natural fit for ActiveCampaign, fulfilling two of our customers’ primary needs: list growth and marketing on mobile.

ActiveCampaign customer Jerry’s Artarama agreed to participate our joint case study with a two-tiered goal:

  • Increase overall list size
  • Convert new contacts into paying customers

Jerry’s Artarama’s marketing team, headed by Alyssa Bartlett, decided to run a three-part autoresponder series: The first part of the series was the primary focus, but there needed to be more than a single follow-up; the second and third campaigns would serve as reminders to the customers that they only had a certain number of days left to use the coupon. Each campaign adjusted the time remaining of the deal through a personalization tag, allowing for flexibility as each new subscriber had the offer to use the 40% off coupon for a total of 21 days. Regardless of when the new contact signed up, the offer remained the same, and adjusted the dates for each unique subscribe date.The campaign overall was deemed a success. You can see some of the numbers below below.

  • Duration: 22 days
  • New list growth: 140 Contacts
  • Over all list growth: 7.98%
  • Open Rate of: 16 %
  • Click Rate: 4.97%

Below is a graph showing the number of subscribers added each day during the . It has it peaks and valleys, but everyday experienced growth. The two days which show no growth were during a time when the ad campaign had been paused.

As you can see there was significant growth experienced within just over three weeks. All parties involved have considered the integration in general a success. Jerry’s Artarama has been very pleased with the results and is currently looking to expand the use of AdLeads.

To learn more about the ActiveCampaign / AdLeads integration, please click HERE.

To claim your free $75 mobile marketing credit, please click HERE.