Give Account Owners the Power to Nurture B2B Relationships More Effectively

Accounts in the ActiveCampaign CRM let you capture details about the businesses you work with and keep it all organized and easily actionable. You can see all contacts associated with a business, store and track details in account fields, use account fields to segment and personalize emails, and create multiple deals for an account. 

We’ve released two new account updates that make it even easier to build and maintain better business-to-business (B2B) experiences. You now have the ability to:

  • Quickly view and segment messaging by account owner
  • Automatically assign or reassign account owners based on your criteria

Segment by account owner for a more personalized experience

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Segmentation lets you group your customers by either an attribute or action. Often, the purpose of segmentation is to bring more personalization into your marketing — but now, account owner segmentation brings the same power to your sales process.

You and your team can use segmentation to quickly see which customers are managed by a specific account owner (via Advanced Search on contacts) — or send customers emails via an automation flow based on their account owner.

How can you segment messaging by account owner to better personalize your outreach?

  1. Create an email via campaign or automation and select Create a new segment
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Account Details from the options
  3. Select from options like Account Name, Account URL — or Account Owner
  4. Your one-off or automated messaging will only go to accounts attached to a specific owner

Make sure accounts are assigned to the right owner at the right time

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An account owner is someone on your team who is assigned an account to manage, like a Sales Representative, Sales Manager, or an Account Manager. For B2B customers, account ownership keeps everyone aligned on the relationship and responsibilities for every account.

Before, you had to go into an account and update the owner field manually. Now, you can quickly set up automations that assign ownership responsibilities to the right person at the right time.

How do you use it within an automation? 

  1. Set up an automation using a contact trigger (like a tag being added) 
  2. Insert the new “update account owner” block into your automation
  3. Select the owner you’ll want the account to be assigned to from the dropdown list
  4. When conditions are met within the automation, the account will automatically be assigned 

Account owner automation lets you handle multiple tasks easily. For example, once a sales rep closes a deal, they can add a tag for what the customer purchased, and then assign the account to a success manager — all from an automation.

Account-based selling tools that continue to evolve with your business

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Segmentation and automation are not the only updates ActiveCampaign has made to account-based selling tools. Other recent enhancements let you:

  • Easily filter your accounts to quickly get the details you need
  • Assign an account owner to better manage every B2B relationship
  • Automatically add notes to an account within an automation

You can learn more about these features here. 

Relationships are important in the B2B world. ActiveCampaign lets you use sales engagement automation to help you prioritize and grow your relationships. With a growing suite of B2B-focused capabilities, we give sales teams the right context to build and maintain trust throughout the entire buying cycle, with personalized outreach at every stage.

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