Manage Your B2B Relationships More Effectively With New Account Updates

When a customer isn’t a single contact, but a business with multiple contacts, how do you track activity, know what stage in your pipeline a prospect is at, and understand when — and who — to follow up with?

Accounts in the ActiveCampaign CRM let you capture details about the businesses you work with and keep it all organized and easily actionable. You can see all contacts associated with a business, store and track details in account fields, use account fields to segment and personalize emails, and create multiple deals for an account. And now, you can do even more.

We’ve released new account updates that make it even easier to build and maintain better business-to-business (B2B) experiences. You now have the ability to:

  • Easily filter your accounts to quickly get the details you need
  • Assign an account owner to better manage every B2B relationship
  • Automatically add notes to an account within an automation

Quickly find what you need with advanced account filtering

[alt text]

Organize your accounts by standard and custom fields.

On the Accounts Overview page, you can filter your business accounts by standard and custom fields so you can quickly see which accounts meet the criteria you set. In addition to filtering options, you can search for specific accounts — and you can even combine both filters and search to narrow down your list further. This lets you better organize your accounts in any way that makes the most sense for your business, like by rep and region to make territory mapping easier.

Assign an account owner to manage relationships and keep teams aligned

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Account owners help keep teams aligned to give customers better experiences.

Who is ultimately responsible for an account? It’s important for teams to have internal clarity to avoid potential poor experiences for prospects and customers — like if two sales reps reach out to upsell the same customer, for example. Being able to assign an account owner helps manage the relationships for every contact associated with an account, for more seamless and coordinated experiences.

An account owner is someone on your team who is assigned an account to manage. An account owner could be a Sales Representative, Sales Manager, or an Account Manager — and can help each of them be more efficient.

  • Sales reps. Easily identify your accounts, and make sure that everyone else knows which accounts are yours. You’ll also be able to easily transition the account ownership to a teammate. For instance, after winning a deal, you can re-assign the contact to an account manager.
  • Sales managers. Get the full context of every account, along with the ability to assign and update accounts. The new account owner functionality lets you easily scan, filter, and view account ownership.
  • Account Management. As a success rep or account manager, knowing who owns the account will make it easy to reach out to the right person if there’s a question or follow-up, letting you provide a better customer experience. And if you own the account, your colleagues will know to reach out to you.

Automatically add important details to an account with the account note automation action

[alt text]

The new note automation action makes it easy to add context to your account records and keep everyone on the same page.

It’s important for B2B sales teams to be able to include notes on account activities for their teams to reference — like when a new contact is added to an account.

Now you can automate adding a note to an account as part of an automation flow. The account note automation action lets you document account activities, saving you time that you can focus elsewhere.

How does it work?

  • Add an account note action step into an automation
  • Include personalization tags from contacts, deals, and accounts for added insight
  • Once a contact goes through the automation the note will be added to their account
  • The contact’s record will also show that the note was added to their account
  • The account note action will be skipped if a contact doesn’t have an associated account

Some of the ways you can automate adding a note to an account record include:

  • A contact’s custom field has changed
  • A tag has been added to a contact
  • A contact has submitted a form and are therefore added to an account

Relationships are important in the B2B world. ActiveCampaign’s CRM lets you use sales engagement automation to help you prioritize and grow your B2B relationships through unified sales and marketing. With this growing suite of B2B-focused CRM capabilities, we are giving sales teams the right context to build and maintain trust throughout the entire buying cycle, with personalized outreach at every stage.

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