Ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce allow their users to create a customizable checkbox that appears alongside checkout forms. This checkbox is named differently in different platforms, but lets customers choose to opt-in and receive marketing communications.

Starting today, ActiveCampaign syncs the data in this field through our Deep Data ecommerce integrations. This update lets you segment your contacts based on whether or not they have opted in to marketing communications. All of your past data from existing ecommerce customers is available starting today.
Accepts Marketing segmentation
Whenever a customer makes a purchase, ActiveCampaign will sync the accepts marketing field in real time. The accepts marketing field also syncs when a historical sync is run for a store, and may aid GDPR compliance.
Because this update builds on our Deep Data integrations, it is available on Plus plans and above. At the moment, ActiveCampaign syncs the accepts marketing field from Shopify and BigCommerce, with WooCommerce support coming soon.