A/B Split Testing Add-On For Email Marketing

Today we released a new add-on for ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software.

This add-on allows you to perform a/b split testing as part of your email campaigns. Email Marketing will automatically distribute the two messages evenly between two randomly assigned groups within a single mailing list. You are then offered full statistical data for each version of the message to help you determine which strategies are most effective for your mailing list.

Here are some screenshots:

Using the already powerful graphing and statistical analysis tools in Email Marketing you can now compare both messages side by side. See which message produced the highest click-through rate, reads, etc…

Creating an A/B Split mailing is just as easy and convenient as creating a regular mailing in Email Marketing. The only difference is that you have two messages to create. You are able to set the from, subject, body, etc., for both messages uniquely.

The conventional A/B split testing technique often used in web site marketing and testing is now available for email marketing.

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  • The split testing feature is lacking one key feature.

    You need to be able to submit a/b tests to a subset of your list, rather than the entire list. After all no advantage is gained if you find out that test A outperforms B, but now you’ve already sent B to everyone who didn’t get A so what good is it to know that you should have sent A.

    The advantage comes when you ask to run the test against, say, 20% of your list, do an A/B test and can now use the winner of that test with the remaining 80%.

    Not so?

    So something that might make a good module is to create named subsets of your list at will.

    For instance I can say, “Make me a 20% subset, let’s call it subset 1″. Now I can do a split with that subset and set up a filter that sends the winning entry to everyone who is not in subset 1.