A quick preview of the new email designer…

A common gripe about our platform is the lack of a modern email designer.  We know it lacks many things and at times find our current email designer to be a pain as well.

Subsequently we have been devoting a good portion of our development efforts on a new email designer.  Having gone through many iterations of our new designer we have ended up with quite a beautiful designer and framework that offers up some pretty exciting capabilities for what we can do within an email.

We have designed the new email designer in a way that focuses on usability and saving you time.

  • Editing is all inline.  As you type you see how it will look to your subscribers.
  • We don’t break your work flow or your time by forcing you to edit all your content in a side bar or use gimmicky tactics of dragging/dropping items from the side bar to add in content.
  • The ability to change layouts of a single block of content is just one click away (no digging deep into side menus/options)
  • It is full of dynamic content features.  From RSS, direction connections to eCommerce platforms, and more…
  • Tons of new & beautiful email designs with multiple themes per design
  • Never worry about image resizing.  We automatically resize according to where you put the image.
  • Mobile friendly.  You can edit emails with mobile devices and your emails that you send will be optimized for mobile devices.
A special thanks goes out to all of our amazing users who took part in video tests.  Your feedback has been instrumental in getting the new email designer to where it is today.
While we don’t have a release date, we expect to start offering this as a BETA in the near future for some hosted accounts.  More details & previews of both the email designer capabilities and the template management options will be posted soon.

A trial is worth a thousand words.
Get started today, no credit card required.

  • This new designer looks awesome!

  • Airton


  • Martin Margheim

    Jason, if you will pull this one off, you will just make an excellent program even better. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the designer. One of my frustrations is building newsletters that don’t break, are relevant to the content and client and appear well in as many email clients as possible. I can envision providing even greater value in my managed email marketing efforts.


    Martin Margheim

  • Tim Mayneord

    WOW! these features are awesome. This will make our job so much easier for both recruitment and delivery – can’t wait!

    Excellent stuff.

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  • Viktor Iwan

    Trust email marketing solution to activecampaign is one of our best decision in 2013 !

  • Viktor Iwan

    By The way, one of cool feature offer by one of your competitor is a video email marketing, what it does is simply embed the video screenshot on email, but when user click on it.. it will open the web version, with the video embed in it…. kinda cool.. hope you can also integrate this way

    • jvandeboom

      We have built-in video options… Simply paste your video URL and we will embed a screenshot with a play button over it for your recipients to click on.

      We also have the ability to connect your Youtube or Vimeo account for even easier adding of your videos to your email campaigns.

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  • Matthew Hickey

    Awesome…glad to hear this! I’d be happy to be a BETA account for you!

    • jvandeboom

      We are actively looking for beta testers.

      Send us an email to help@activecampaign.com with an account you would like updated.

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  • openchamp

    Hey guys. Is there any possible way to add custom HTML to a designer template? I need to add some tracking code and can’t find out how to add that when I use the designer templates.

    • jvandeboom

      Currently you would need to edit that template (prior to using it in a campaign) and insert whatever custom HTML you want into the template source.

      We are a couple mths into a redesign of our email designer which will allow custom HTML at the campaign level as well though…