A preview of our new segment builder

With our hosted service we are soon rolling out options so that you can have a lot more insight into your subscribers interests, social profiles, and more.

Due to all these new subscriber details (in addition to your own custom fields, actions, etc..) we needed a way for you to fully explore segmenting options and quickly create complex segments. Thus a new segment builder was started. You can checkout a preview of some of the work we have done already below.

This is currently not a released feature but should be rolled out within the next couple of weeks. As we are in the final prep stages of sending the first wave of beta invites this will not initially be in the next update of our separate “on-site edition” product.

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  • Silvio

    Any release date for the download version of v5.4?

    • Elizabeth

      Unfortunately we do not have a specific release date quite yet — we are still working on testing and development for the downloaded version. However, we hope to release it very soon!