A new subscriber/contact list page

Today we released a new version of our subscriber list page (which we will be referring to as “Contacts” in the near future)

In our on-going mission to help you know your subscribers at a deeper personal level, we are now including personal details about them right in the list view.  This includes:

  • A photo of your contact is shown when available
  • The location of the contact is shown when available
  • Social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) are shown when available.  (currently requires you to subscribe to ERJA)
  • You are able to email a single contact directly form the contact list page
  • Custom fields (that you choose to show on the list page) are now shown under the contact.  This allows you to show many more fields in a clean & easy to read format.

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  • What is the default ‘location’ field used for and where does that information come from?
    When importing data from another email provider that stored latitude and longitude details. How can we use that in the import process?

    • Jon

      Hi barry, the location is IP based and is tracked based on a contact’s interaction (opens and such). Unfortunately, it is not possible to map your own data with the location fields.