5 Ways ActiveCampaign Celebrated Latinx Heritage Month

5 Ways ActiveCampaign Celebrated Latinx Heritage Month

This past month, ActiveCampaign joined the commemorative celebration of Latinx Heritage Month. From September 15th to October 15th in the United States, we call attention to the contributions Latinos and Hispanics make to enrich our nation, workforce, and communities. These are five ways ActiveCampaign celebrated Latinx Heritage Month.
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1. We celebrated with Latin Dancing

Latin dance has a rich cultural history rooted in the traditional dances of native Latin American people. We had the privilege to learn about Latin dances like salsa, bachata, and merengue from Miguel Mendez, Founder of the Dance Academy of Salsa in Humboldt Park.

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2. We asked our Latinx coworkers, “what does inclusion or hospitality looks like in your culture?”

“An example of a Cuban welcome would be coming into someone’s house, everyone screaming, hugging, kissing you, and then making you really really strong coffee, and offering you something to eat.” – Ana Collado

“We show inclusion by treating everyone like family. Everyone’s family to us! – Lupe Puga

“We will consider you family almost immediately. For example, my mom calls my friends ‘mija’ or ‘mijo’, which means daughter or son, and we always have an extra seat at the table.” – Ruth Velazquez 

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3. We celebrated the contributions Latin Americans have made in our world

What do the first colored television system, rocket belt, captcha code, ballpoint pen, and the balloon-expandable heart stent all have in common? They were invented by Latin Americans. Throughout the whole day we displayed a slideshow in our office of influential Hispanic leaders who have broken glass ceilings in the areas of innovation, music, human rights, and entertainment.

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4. We remembered the life of Selena by watching the movie.

Selena broke barriers in the world of Latin Music. Also known as the “Queen of Tejano Music”, she became the most significant Mexican-American singer of the twentieth century before her untimely death. An estimated 22,000 actresses were screened for the role of Selena Quintanilla, which ended up being played by Jennifer Lopez. Selena is truly one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of all time.

ohubm1c0 image2019 10 21at3.04.25pm(Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

5. A trip to the National Museum of Mexican Art

In honor of Latinx Heritage Month, we took a trip to the National Museum of Mexican Art (located in Pilsen) to commemorate The Day of The Dead (El Dia De Los Muertos). The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that involves family and friends gathering to celebrate and remember their deceased loved ones. We loved learning about such a beautiful tradition! Following our time at the exhibit, we stopped by Carnitas Uruapan Restaurant to feast on some classic Mexican tacos.

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Though the national observation ends on October 15th, our cultural learning at ActiveCampaign will continue. Special thanks to Miguel Mendez, The National Museum of Mexican Art, Nuevo Leon, and our employee resource group ActivelyLatinx for a rich and deep cultural experience about Latin culture.

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