3 Unique Ways to Celebrate your Customers

3 Unique Ways to Celebrate your Customers

As you may know, April 21 is “Get to Know Your Customer Day” and is the perfect time for business owners to show their loyal customers some additional love. Get to Know Your Customers Day is celebrated on the third Thursday of each quarter and is a great reminder to think of new ways to engage your loyal customers and learn more about them. Engaging with customers and building connections is essential every day of the year, but this is a day that’s all about them and how important they are to the success of your business. 

Companies using CXA can treat every customer like their most important client — whether they have 10 or 10 million – creating outsized growth. 

This quarter, we’re diving in with a few automation recipes to take your personalization up a notch so you can celebrate and engage your customers all year long with CXA.

1. Create a loyalty program

Tiered loyalty programs are a phenomenal way to get your customers more invested in your brand. This tiered loyalty program automation lets you segment your customer loyalty program members into tiers based on a point-based score.

Many businesses run customer loyalty programs that reward customers for repeat purchases or bookings. There are many different types of loyalty programs to choose from, including:

  • Customer loyalty cards
  • Frequent flier programs
  • Point-based loyalty programs
  • Frequent shopper programs
  • Email rewards programs
  • Tiered loyalty programs
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Before importing this automation, build out scoring in ActiveCampaign for your customer loyalty or membership program. Make sure you also have a “Loyalty Program” custom field to track the contact’s loyalty program tier.

2. Ask them to share their story.

Advocates of your product or service love to talk about their great experience; just ask them! 

Case studies are the single best conversion tool at your disposal. Using video services like Bonjoro can help you gather a consistent supply of killer case studies by letting you send personal video requests to your happiest customers when you know they are getting value.

Consider using a Bonjoro video to thank them for using your product. Additionally, you can add a call to action on your Bonjoro video to encourage the next step in the process, to book a personal call, or for a lighter touch, to fill out a case study survey you created with Typeform or Google Forms.

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3. Celebrate the dates that matter

Add this special day coupon automation to your coupon marketing strategy and celebrate customers on a specific date, like their birthday or the anniversary of their signing up with you.

You can use this birthday and anniversary coupon email automation to send your customers.:

  • Birthday wishes
  • Birthday rewards
  • Birthday promotions
  • An anniversary email
  • Loyalty promotions
  • Special birthday offers
  • Anniversary coupons

…all of which reward customers and build customer loyalty.

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Find a recipe. Automate anything.

Setting up your first few automations can seem daunting. True CXA goes beyond software alone by allowing the user to completely tailor each step in the workflow, whether built from scratch or by using any of the 760+ pre-built Automation Recipes ActiveCampaign offers. These recipes are built both by ActiveCampaign and users who have found success leveraging CXA.

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