This Just Works: The 3×3 Facebook Funnel That Works

This Just Works: The 3×3 Facebook Funnel That Works

What would you do if you saw a video of a guy sitting with the Queen of Malaysia that was only 1 minute long?

This video exists. Dennis Yu of Blitzmetrics shared why he created it and shared it on Facebook – and why 3×3 Facebook Funnel works.

“A one minute video captures people’s attention because they’re thinking, what is this guy doing with the Queen? A short, realistic video is a great way for people to get to know you because you’ve established social proof. And then you can go for the lead because you built a warm touch,” says Dennis.

“When you humanize people through one-minute story snippets – like this webinar chopped into pieces or any kind of education you’ve ever done – you have a lot of relatable content. Now you’ve got a bunch of one-minute videos. And what we’ve discovered in the last 3 months because the cost of traffic on Facebook has been so cheap. Lead generation has been incredible”

To capitalize on this opportunity, Dennis uses the 3×3 Grid to make you a sequential storyteller.

This session was presented at This Just Works, the digital anti-conference. You can see the full session (and 14 other talks) by registering here with code TJWAG2020.

The 3×3 Grid

The 3×3 Grid is a Facebook funnel that covers 3 areas for 3 reasons:

  1. Awareness (Why)
  2. Consideration (How)
  3. Conversion What)

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This awareness, consideration conversion funnel – those 3 words are the same words that Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Twitter, and I think LinkedIn uses those same 3. And it’s not a coincidence that it corresponds with Why, How, and What. The Why is stories like me and the Queen, How is you sharing knowledge on how to do something, and What is the thing driving the sale,” says Dennis.

“There’s a group of 40 chiropractors that we did this for and we took the remarketing audiences, – people that have been to the site and people that are in the email list – and then remarket them into an appointment. Your remarketing is much more powerful if you’re using a one-minute video that has Why-How-What components in it to be able to grow that remarketing pool,” says Dennis.

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“And then we’re doing it for companies that sell software to chiropractors. So we’re taking lists of chiropractors and running them through the same 3 stages. And then you have one-minute videos and you have 3 of them in each stage. You have your 3×3.”

This is the $1 a Day strategy. Take that picture or 1-minute video you have with someone (or whatever content you have), boost it for $1 a day, and honor that other person. Don’t talk about your products and services, don’t talk about your funnel, don’t talk about the new features that your tool has. Just honor someone else in the industry that you know your customers would respect.

“And that’s an indirect way of selling the building authority, right? And I’m literally just making 15-second videos that become Facebook stories and Instagram stories, one-minute square videos that I’m boosting on my page and profile and that is driving massive trust. And it’s super cheap,” says Dennis.

Why use the $1 A Day strategy on Facebook?

  • Quality over quantity
  • Target journalists
  • Make some serious noise on Facebook

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“Put more money against it. You have your plumbing set up your custom audiences, you have your content is one-minute videos and 15-second videos. And you might find this $1 a Day strategy is the most powerful testing strategy you could ever run,” says Dennis.

6 steps to implement the $1 a Day strategy

These are the 6 steps to implement the $1 a Day strategy:

  1. Determine the audiences you want to influence
  2. Find high authority mentions you want to amplify
  3. Run Facebook Ads for $1 a day for each high-authority link
  4. Reply to everyone who engages with your amplification efforts
  5. Collect and identify authority mentions
  6. Continue to build momentum in your PR machine by cycling in new content and audiences

“90% of your stuff is going to fail. So the ones that are winning, just keep putting more money on it,” says Dennis.

Use a topic wheel to help generate your 3×3 strategy

“A topic wheel is where you’re going to have most of your content. The What is where you’re driving the lead –with a contact form, a lead magnet, an invite to come to the webinar, that kind of thing,” says Dennis.

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“So you’re leveraging their authority and look at all this content we’re producing. And these are all little 15 second and one minute videos only take 30 minutes to make. That’s it.”

A lot of the time, these shorter, informal videos can perform better than a professional interview video.

Conclusion: 3 things that just work in the 3×3 Facebook Funnel

Facebook and the 3×3 funnel can be your secret weapon for creating customer relationships.

  1. Make one-minute videos – especially ones that look messy and are unprepared because people trust the authenticity.
  2. Try the $1 a Day strategy – boost a public figure page on your company page for $1 a day and see what works
  3. Organize it by topic – keep this simple.

To download the full recorded This Just Works digital event, go here to register with code TJWAG2020!

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