2018 in Review: 90+ Features, 45B Experiences, So Many Minutes Saved

2018 in Review: 90+ Features, 45B Experiences, So Many Minutes Saved

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Here at ActiveCampaign, we exist for one reason: to help SMBs grow. Our take on marketing automation gives our customers the platform that helps orchestrate personalized experiences for their customers. With this in mind, we took a deep dive into how our more than 60,000 customers around the globe (over 150 countries, if we’re counting) are using the platform, more specifically over the last year — our spin on a 2018 Year In Review.

So what did we discover about small businesses and how they are using automation to create optimized customer experiences?

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  • Automations are critical to small businesses! With more than 1.5 million automations live in the platform, that means, on average, each customer has 25 automations running. Just think about all of the time saved!
  • Personalized experiences matter. ActiveCampaign has enabled more than 45 billion orchestrated experiences for close to 600 million contacts. That means each contact received a different experience than another — of course with the right mix of human interaction and automated experiences.
  • There’s not one stack to solve it all — and our customers have proven it. More than 70% of our customers have at least one integration, bringing in more data around their customers, so they can create better personalized experiences.
  • And all of these lead to phenomenal growth for our customers! On average, our customers grew their subscriber base by 60%. Now that’s impressive!

The only way we know our customers will succeed is if we continue to iterate and give them the features they need to power these orchestrated experiences. In 2018, we launched more than 90 new features — some big, some small — but no matter the size, each feature is focused on providing value to our customers.

But what are some of the highlights?

  • Automations Map: We pioneered how automations work for businesses, and we’re continuing to lead the charge. With Automations Map, users can quickly see how all of their automations work together and further optimize their customers’ experience.
  • Conversations: At the end of 2018, we launched the automation-driven omni-channel communication platform, in private beta, enabling our small business customers to meaningfully connect and engage with their customers in the most relevant channel at the most convenient times. And because all of the touchpoints are captured in ActiveCampaign along the way, your team has the context they need to have more meaningful interactions. Miss the private beta? Stay tuned as we’ll be making Conversations available to everyone in 2019!
  • Continued investment in our Deals CRM:
    • Custom Deal Fields: We know every business is different, and that means that everyone has a different process for tracking deals. With Custom Deal Fields, our CRM users can now customize the information they are collecting to make it easier to manage your sales pipeline.
    • CRM Mobile Apps: People are always on the go, and want to be able to work from anywhere. By adding both iOS and Android CRM apps, our customers can now manage their contacts from their phone.
  • Account Snapshots: Our resellers and partners often work with a variety of businesses at one time and are always iterating in the platform. With Account Snapshot, these partners can quickly replicate critical workflows and data into a new account. 

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With all of these new features, and a growing customer base, we’ve also grown our team 56% around the globe in 2018. Opening new offices in Sydney and Indianapolis, along with further investments in Brazil, we’re focused on bringing our customers more features that will continue to improve each of their customers’ experiences, all while providing better support for our customers.

All of that said, 2018 was busy, but makes us even more excited for what’s to come. Thanks to the tens of thousands of customers who trust us to orchestrate your customers’ experiences everyday. We’re all for small (businesses) and can’t wait to see how you use ActiveCampaign in 2019!

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