16 iPhone Apps Every Salesperson Should Have

16 iPhone Apps Every Salesperson Should Have

If you’re in sales, the odds are pretty good that you have a very close relationship with your phone. Maybe it’s a love/hate situation, maybe you two are attached at the hip (literally), or maybe you’re so close that you forget it’s even there because you and it have become one and the same.

Given this connection with your phone, you want to make sure you have the apps on it that make you the best salesperson you can be.

Now, I presume you haven’t been living under a rock, so surely your phone is already loaded up with some apps. That’s why this list begins with mobile apps that are either not obviously sales enablement apps or perhaps just obscure ones.

Towards the end of this list I include some obvious sales apps, so if you just want to make sure you have the essentials, maybe read it from the bottom up. But if you’re looking to uncover some hidden gems, start at the top.

Without further ado, the best mobile apps for salespeople ranked from most obscure, to most obvious:

Magnifying Glass with Light

This is one of the great “on the go” type of apps. The name of the app might not be the most creative thing out there, but it doesn’t disappoint. It does exactly what it tells you it’s going to do, and it can be incredibly useful if you’re out to dinner with clients and can’t quite read that tiny menu in the dim light. You’ll win some serious points with the client when you hand over your phone so they actually know what they’re ordering.

SayHi Translate

Have you ever made a call to a prospect and quickly realized there was a language barrier. The next moment, you’re shouting across the sales floor “does anybody speak Portuguese?” Avoid this frustration with SayHi.

It should be noted, this app isn’t a permanent solution to a language barrier, but with 90 languages and a very simple UI, it sure can get you out of a linguistic jam.

Battery Saver

Outside salespeople, are you listening? I know you’re familiar with that feeling of having 5% left on your phone battery and nowhere to charge it. If that sounds like you, Battery Saver can help.

The app can run a ton of diagnostics on your phone to tell you what’s eating up a lot of battery, as well as how much time you have before you can expect your phone to shut down. Plus it will supply you with a bunch of battery saving tactics, so when you find yourself looking for ways to conserve, you’ll be armed with several options to do so.

World Clock

Isn’t it great how the internet has made the world smaller? Now, no matter where your office is, you can be selling to someone in Japan and in Iceland at the same time. Well, not at the same time because chances are, one of them will be asleep, but you know that now, right?

Well, if you don’t and you sell to every region in the world, you should probably take a minute to download World Clock. You can see what time it is anywhere in the world, and even make lists of cities that you contact frequently, so you never call someone in the middle of the night.

Scanner Pro

Receipts, documents, pages from books or magazines. These are all things that we wish, one time or another, that we could scan. With Scanner Pro, you can turn your phone into a scanner and do it in seconds.

The app not only makes it easy to scan, but it’s also easy to organize all your documents for referencing later.


Sales is all about motivation, affirmation, and positivity. There’s no shortage of people who will tell you how valuable positive psychology is in sales.

Coach.me offers features like goal setting and tracking, habit coaching, and a community to keep you motivated. With this tool, you can (mostly) assuage your fears of having an apathetic sales team.

Call Recorder Pro

The best way to get better on the phone as a salesperson is repetition and reflection. The more time you spend on the phone, the more comfortable you’ll become. But if you reflect on that time spent and analyze what you do well and where you can improve, you’ll certainly improve quicker.

Call Recorder Pro enables you to record both incoming and outgoing calls, and it makes it easy to share the audio files from your calls on several different channels, including email, text message, and Dropbox.

Samcard Business Card Scanner

In our digital world, business cards have lost a bit of their luster, but that doesn’t mean you don’t find yourself collecting some from time to time. The thing is, it’s easy to lose track of business cards since you don’t have a proper rolodex (I’m assuming).

With Samcard, you can immediately scan a business card when someone gives you one and save the person’s contact information to your phone.

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker

You travel, you take clients out to dinner, and in the end you rack up some serious expenses. Make sure you never lose or forget a receipt with Shoeboxed.

The app lets you track receipts and mileage so your expense reports are always up to snuff. All you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt, and the app automatically parses all the necessary info like payment amount, payment method, date, and more.


Egencia is a travel management platform that can help you take care of almost anything that relates to travel. You can use it to search for and book flights and hotels, and once you’ve reached your destination, you can use the app to navigate the  city with ground transportation options.


File sharing on the go can be a pain. But with Dropbox, that pain is largely alleviated. The app has everything from a doc scanner offline accessibility. And, it makes it easy for multiple people to collaborate thanks to it’s shared folders and comments.


Evernote is probably the most popular note taking app out there. It makes organizing your life much easier and offers a litany of ways for you to take notes included sketches, handwritten notes, and more.

With this tool, you’ll find yourself having a much easier time remembering everything from a client’s name to the subject matter of your last phone call.


Sales means lots of emails. Lots of emails normally means at least a few grammar mistakes here and there. Well, at least it did before Grammarly. In addition to the Chrome extension offered by Grammarly, they have an app that will clean up your grammar on emails, texts, and anything else that involves typing in your phone.


Slack’s mobile app keeps you connected to your office even when you’re not there. This is a super useful tool for outside salespeople, but even if you spend the vast majority of your days in your company’s office, Slack’s iPhone app is great for helping you stay responsive when you’re away from your computer.


A deal isn’t done until pen is put to paper. Now, thanks to electronic signature software, that isn’t the case any longer. Still, you’ll need to get that signature, and with Docusign, all you need is an iPhone.

No matter if you need to sign something or get somebody to sign something, you can use Docusign’s app to do both. With this app, you can seriously expedite the closing of deals.


You seriously didn’t think we were going to make a list of iPhone apps for salespeople and not include LinkedIn, did you?

Of course, we’re going to talk about LinkedIn. With the app, you get pretty much every benefit LinkedIn provides right in your pocket. Reach out to people through its messenger, post to your feed, congratulate contacts on new positions, you can do it all.

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