Email Marketing Software Rewrite Begins

Hello, Kent here. I am the newest member of the ActiveCampaign development team, and I am excited to be on board. I recently moved to Chicago, and I am having fun trying to navigate my way around the L trains and such. Chicago really is a great city!

I just recently started converting the Email Marketing software codebase into a newer format that uses Smarty Templates (I’m a big fan), and a more modular structure. The framework for the new version will be just like the Help Desk Software. This will make the code easier to maintain and to add new features. You may notice a slight change in the overall layout and menus, but the features will work just the same. We’ll also be adding some new features, but more on those later.

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  • Cool! Can’t wait to see your work! I’m a big fan of the software.

  • paperweight

    Ok, but be very very careful when rewriting it: 12all has a long history of making an improvement in one place that opens up holes in other places. Please take your time–no rush! Workability is the key.

    Also, we are still waiting for lots of bug fixes. My team can fix most of them in a few hours, but because of the Zend obfuscation, it’s impossible. Most other reputable software only obfuscate the sending engine, because that is the “proprietary” part of the engine. But 12all does obfuscate EVERYTHING, partly because it doesn’t have a good sending engine to obfuscate. We really need much more mobility on the software and hopefully as you rewrite it you can open up some of these parts of the code!

    Welcome. :-)

  • PLEASE incorporate the many suggestions to 12All listed in the Forum — especially being able to send Autoresponder messages in both Text and HTML and allowing them to have attachments.

    Any guess on a release date?


  • There is no release date at this time. We will have the beta available sometime in Q1 of 2006. This is a carefully planned update to 12all which will enable easier maintenance and allow for easier adding of features in the future.

  • Matthew Magnuson

    I am currently working on a set of scripts which allow soap based access to specific parts of the 12All system. Some of the functions include: remote adding/removing of email users, viewing future scheduled mail outs and email statistics. This is in an effort to allow clients better access through java, c#, flash and remote php scripts. I would like to see these features included in the new 12All system and I would love to share my code for this purpose.


  • sam

    Hey Kent !
    Hope you integrated well in this great company :-)
    Any news on the latest updates from 12ALL ?

    Please keep us posted !



  • Matt – please send me an email to as I would be quite interested to see what you have come up with.

  • Sam – We are in the final stages of getting the beta version ready to download.. If you have not already look at to see the new features and sign up to be notified of the new version.