Here is a short list of reasons why I would unsubscribe from a newsletter. No particular importance on the order…

  1. You send me a mailing more often than needed.
    Rarely I stay subscribed to a weekly mailing list. It better be quite good to keep that frequency going.
  2. Non-stop promotion.
    I like to know about your new products and services. But give me something other than a standard sales pitch.
  3. Duplicates.
    I subscribed once. I only need one copy.
  4. Your content is bad.
    Boring content will encourage me to find the unsubscribe link.
  5. I lose interest.
    People will lose interest in your subject. Nothing you can do about this one.
  6. Grammatical issues.
    Take some time to edit & review your newsletter and I will take some time to read it.
  7. Ugly email design.
    Whether it is HTML or TEXT take some time to design a professional and easy to read layout.
  8. Excessive advertising.
    Advertising is fine and is required for some business models. However, I subscribed for your content. Not a 600×300 ad that covers the majority of my message preview.
  9. Paid “special” newsletters.
    There are a couple popular newsletters that send out “special” advertiser mailings in addition to their newsletter. So not only is their newsletter cluttered with ads – but subscribers also have the joy of receiving full email advertisements frequently.
  10. Copied or low quality content.
    If I subscribed for informational content I want quality and useful content. A free republished article or generic piece of content will not encourage me to be a subscriber for much longer.

What makes you unsubscribe from newsletters?