This new sending engine is packed with green energy
After over a month of alpha and beta testing, the standard released version of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing now makes standard use of our new e-mail sending engine. The engine uses proprietary logic to maximize the abilities of your server setup in order to improve speed and efficiency, and to minimize send stalling.
Our beta testers achieved some pretty remarkable results: the average gains in sending speed hovered around 100%, with some users reporting speed increases of as much as 600%. In most cases, improved stability was also reported, so we’re expecting great results and recommending that all current Email Marketing users upgrade to the latest version.
In addition to updating the underlying sending framework, we’ve also added an option under Settings->Script Settings to make send-throttling much more intuitive, and to offer you more precise control over the way Email Marketing’s sending process interacts with your server.
Let’s say your server allows you to send 6,000 e-mails per hour. In order to ensure that Email Marketing never sends you over this limit, you’ll simply instruct it to try to send a maximum of 100 messages per minute. However, in some cases this limit will be higher than the server can comfortably send given the available resources, whether its due to other processes running on the server or simply due to a bottleneck somewhere in the system.

It's now much easier to throttle your sending speed

In this case, you would leave the maximum send rate at 100 per minute, but tweak Email Marketing’s pause setting to slow down the rate at which messages are processed and sent to the outgoing mail server. If you’re experiencing a lot of sending stalls, for example, you would want to decrease the number of messages processed between pauses, and increase the number of seconds that Email Marketing will pause before processing another chunk of messages.