The knowledgebase for the version 4.5x series of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing has been updated extensively over the last couple of weeks. In order to extend the usefulness of our documentation we arranged articles in a more task-oriented way — for example how to format email marketing messages or best practices for email copywriting. In the past we included PDF user manuals with our distribution folders. These user manuals were also available on our web site for general perusal. PDF documents were then converted into knowledgebase articles with varying degrees of usefulness. They did not always translate well into this format because they were written in a quick start style that focused on basic use and where features could be found. Another drawback to this approach was that these user manuals became quickly outdated as our product line continued to evolve. We needed to update the user manual every time a major upgrade or exciting new feature was released. At times this could be a cumbersome task. Each and every article needed to be checked to ensure that they were version specific.

Further development of Knowledge Management, our knowledgebase software, altered our approach to documentation. KnowledgeBuilder now included a function that allowed you to extract PDF documents from articles. There became no need to generate PDF files independent of the knowledgebase. Documentation now consists of articles that are formatted specifically for our knowledgebase. A corollary to this approach is that knowledgebase articles became more informative and useful. This is more important now then ever before because 1-2-All is a more sophisticated application. Documentation needs to reflect the development of a more substantive feature set. A knowledgebase of articles allows us the flexibility to add or edit documentation to reflect the needs of our client base. A knowledgebase allows us to create a truly living document:

1-2-All 4.5x User Documentation