Email Marketing Update – Version 4.54.3

We just released version 4.53.3 of our Email Marketing bulk email software.

Couple of new features include:

  1. Subscription Rules. Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe from multiple lists when person subscribes/unsubscribes from a given email list. These rules are setup per list.
  2. CSV import file can be separated by comma or tab
  3. Added ability to choose delimiter when importing subscribers
  4. Added support for emails with long TLDs (such as .travel)

Other Changes made:

* Changed Batch Removals page to strip out double quotes prior to parsing the list
* Fixed a bug with switching lists to Dutch
* Fixed a bug in pagination on shared mailing reports page
* Fixed a bug in embedder in case that server cannot fetch the image
* Fixed a bug with including read tracker into image embedder
* Fixed error caused by rows having different numbers of fields in the import file
* Fixed bug in message quota counting
* Fixed bug: fetch: will now work for autoresponders with headers
* fixed bug in cron_responder that sent out unsubscribe autoresponders when person is subscribed

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  • After the upload was completed my system bombed with the following error…

    Fatal error: Unable to read 14218 bytes in /home/atozfitn/public_html/12all/admin/main.php on line 0

    But the worse part is now that I even tried to restore with a previous version still have the same error.

    Not sure what this uploading did to my install.

    Any ideas ?


  • Ensure you upload in binary mode.

    You will receive that if you do not upload in binary.