Email Marketing & Live Chat Desktop Apps Stable

Both the Email Marketing Desktop Monitor and the Live Chat Desktop app have been released as stable versions and are no longer beta.

Both applications can be downloaded through the support center.

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  • David

    The 1-2-All Desktop App still has a date of October 9 in the download section. Has the file been updated?

  • We did not change anything critical throughout the beta process. The latest build (really no visible changes) has been uploaded.

  • David

    Ok and thanks.

  • Rob

    I downloaded and entered the URL and it would not accept the URL, then I entered the exact location of the sign in page …main.php. This seemed to take but it did not accept my valid password. Then I cancelled/closed the window and now the application is trying to close continuously…the window opens and closes about 3-4 times per second. Looks like I will have to reboot my computer.