We’re excited and you will be too about the release of Email Marketing 4.80. This is a significant update that will enable you with multiple sending methods whereas as you were limited to a single sending method in the past. Now admins can add more SMTP servers and Email Marketing will loop through them. Sending orders can be changed, and every sending method / smtp server has its own limit of emails to send before moving on to the next sending method/smtp server. One obvious advantage to this is if your web host restricts you to a set number of emails that you are allowed to deliver per hour. Before this meant that you would have to slow the rate at which you send emails to be compliant with your sending limitation. Now that you can set up multiple SMTP servers you can move to another SMTP server or another sending method once your limitation has been met. This allows for muc faster and more flexible email marketing delivery.
Other minor changes in 4.80 include bug fixes, updates to the subscription forms, and updates to sending filters.
Multiple SMTP Screenshots: