Email Marketing Monitor Beta (Desktop App.)

We have released the first beta of our new Email Marketing Monitor App. This desktop application allows you to monitor your messages in queue along with your scheduled mailings. It also acts as a cron emulator which will help eliminate any stalling issues you may have on your server.

Here are some screenshots:

You can download Email Marketing Monitor Beta (Desktop App.) through our support center.

Should you have any comments or suggestions – please let us know.

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  • David

    Will this run on Mac OS X too, or is it just for windows?

  • Sorry — Monitor is Windows only.

  • David

    Will there be a mac os X version in a future as well as being able to show open, clicks, and so on. Will this be rebrandable as well?

  • We are open to the possibility of bringing Monitor to OS X. We’d need to find a way for OS X to run the program, which is programmed using .NET, that would be convenient for our users.

    You have the option, in modifying the PNG image files in the images folder that installs with Monitor, to rebrand the program. As to the other features, those are things we may look into — but we don’t yet have any guarantees on what you may see in the future.

  • David

    Thanks for the info Peter.

  • will 1-2-All Monitor be brandable?

  • Yes — by changing the images distributed with the program, you can rebrand 1-2-All Monitor.

  • I downloaded this, and can’t seem to get it to work. What url do we need to put in (I’ve tried several urls from my 12all, and none seem to work). No matter what I do, I get an error that my password is invalid.(and it’s not….I’ve double and triple checked)

  • Jenny – You may need to upgrade your 1-2-All. Ensure 1-2-all (the web install) is using the latest version and then try again.

  • David

    Any word as to when the next beta will be out?

  • The beta process for the program has gone quite well, so we are targeting next week for our release of the first normal (non-beta) version of 1-2-All Monitor.

  • Phillip Swindall

    is there a Mac version yet??? maybe iOS???

    • Brian Gladu

      Hi Phillip!

      This post refers to a discontinued product. This post is almost 10 years old now! :-)

      We now offer a SaaS solution that allows you to monitor your campaigns through a web interface: