In June 2002, around the same time an asteroid barely missed hitting the earth [ ? ], the first version of 1-2-All was released. In January 2003, 1-2-All became a part of ActiveCampaign, Inc and has prospered ever since as the company’s flagship product. Four years to the date of the first incarnation of 1-2-All we look back at the evolution of this product, to put the past into perspective, and celebrate the anniversary of our most popular software product to date. 1-2-All Broadcast E-Mail, as it was exclusively referred to back then, began with a simple, colorful, and easy to use interface. There was nothing terribly distinguishing about this version, just a good mailing list manager at a low price. A commitment to adding more features with enhanced usability allowed 1-2-All to evolve into a much more dynamic application with a friendlier interface.
In August of 2003, a new user interface was implemented along with a scheduled mailing feature that required the setup of cron jobs. In February of 2004, version 3.82 introduced time sensitive auto-responder features, allowing you the ability to set auto responders for each list. A new branding file allowed you to easily modify brand settings by opening a single file. Around the same time a US federal appeals court gave scientists the right to study the 9, 300 year old remains of Kennewick Man, denying the request of American Indian Tribes who sought immediate burial. Also, scientists found what is believed to be the fossilized head of a 400 million year old fly, making it the oldest known insect. [ ? ] Following the release of 1-2-All, development was ongoing and client feedback was expressly used in the product direction. Updates were frequent and the list of features for 1-2-All Email Marketing continued to grow.
1-2-All once again underwent a face lift with version 4.0 which was released in January of 2005. This new version featured an improved sending engine, enhanced subscriber viewing page, enhanced administrative control, and more error checking. As far as the file structure was concerned the admin files were now separated from the public file (you had to go 12all/admin to access the control panels whereas before you just had to go to 12all). The biggest improvement in this new version, in terms of usability, was the introduction of the advanced importer. In previous versions there were quite a few people who ran into problems when trying to import a .CSV file because their format was rejected. 1-2-All Email Marketing now had a user friendly import interface that made it easy for anyone to import .CSV files. Many people upgraded to 4.0 solely for the advanced importer.
In May 2006, ActiveCampaign Email Marketing as it is referred to these days, underwent its most dramatic stage of evolution. The new version’s extensive list of added features and improvements include: restructured code; central authentication format; new language file format; smarty template system; attachment, sending filter, send to a friend, web version, and multi format options for auto responders; unlimited options for sending filters; new reporting options; reason for unsubscribing option added; subscriber, forward to a friend, and auto responder statistical tracking; enhanced custom redirects; branding settings editable from browser; more message personalization options; subscriber notifications that include subscriber field data; better email design capability; and much more. Elsewhere in the world, a 1,500 year old tattooed mummy of a woman in her late 20s is found near Trujillo, Peru. [ ? ]
Its been an amazing four years. Email Marketing has prospered because of its commitment to enhanced functionality and usability. There is no telling what ActiveCampaign Email Marketing will look like in another four years. That’s pretty exciting.