We just released a new version of our ActiveCampaign Email Marketing software!
It doesn’t have a lot of updates, but the ones we do are VERY important!
Sending engine has been improved and optimized! We have tested it, and it looks like we have a 40% increase in email marketing delivery speed. This is the biggest increase we have had in a long time now. I hope you all feel the difference.
There was a problem in version 4.51 with Bounce Managament which was confusing our system. It used to mark successful email addresses as bounced due to this error. We have fixed it now, so I suggest that you check your Bounces to see if some email was marked as bounced by mistake. That won’t happen anymore.
Importing subscribers had a bug that was occuring only in certain cases. We have fixed it now, and we have also included unencoded PEAR files since we experienced some problems with those classes when the files were encoded.
In our Support Forum you can see the list of all changed files.