After positive feedback from our clients about version 4.50, we have started to add a lot of improvements and new features into this enhanced, four year old ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software. Today we have finally incremented a minor version number, and we will start with revisions of this release from now on. A list of changed files can be found in our Support Forum. This release doesn’t have that many new features, but a few of them are going to be quite handy.
So, let’s inform you of what’s new:
The most important feature of Email Marketing was its quite extensive mail sending system. Unfortunately, when a procedure does so many things (like email personalization, custom headers and attachments, MIME messages, fetching content from external sources, SMTP sending), it is reasonable to understand that execution can be quite slow every now and then. We had a couple of problems in the past with stalling of the sending process, usually on some slower servers, which caused problems with email deliverability. That’s why we have revised our sending process, optimized a couple of things, and made it faster, as much as possible for the moment. But rest assured, we will continue to look into optimizing it further.
While we are talking about sending email process, it is good to know that from now on you will have ability to save a draft of a message on the second step too (Compose a Message step), and furthermore, you will have an option to “Save and Continue Editing”, which will increase your productivity, and save you a couple of clicks.
On the last page prior to sending emails, when you are previewing your creation, now you will have an option to check your email against SpamAssasin, which will tell you if your message will be marked as spam on servers that have SpamAssasin installed. That way you will be able to modify your message to reduce it’s Spam Count. This feature will be available as a Plugin that will help you to improve your email sender reputation and avoid email blacklists
For that reason we have added support for AJAX, thus making the new ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software a Web2.0 application. Soon you will see a Message Queue page that won’t refresh itself every minute, but you will always see the current situation in your sending queue. But that’s just the tip of an iceberg.
On the Preview Message page, where you could send a test message to ensure that sending works properly and that your email looks as expected, now you will see another small improvement: if you chose to send a MIME message (with both text and html version), you will be able to select what format you wish to test. You will have an option to send only text, only html or both versions.
Also, on the Message Archive page, we have added one more piece of valuable information that was missing until now: who (what admin) sent that message. Now you will know.
Cron file has also suffered some small changes too. It came to our attention that sometimes your cron files start overlapping if the duration between executions is too small, and previous process is still running. Now your new cron will not execute if the previous one is running, thus preventing the system from sending the same message twice to a subscriber.
Now every admin will have his own setting on his “Your Account” page (link is located in the bottom right corner of the page) for displaying a number of lists/messages/subscribers per page.
One more big change, that we have left for the end is the completely changed and improved graphing system. Email Marketing won’t use PHP-generated graphs that do not look nice and require additional libraries installed on your server. From this version forward, Email Marketing (and soon our other products) will deliver users graphs generated in Flash! They look nicer, and every browser now supports Flash so displaying a graph will depend on the user entirely, not on your hosting provider and/or web server.
Of course, all known bugs that have been found by our dedicated clients have been fixed and implemented in this release.
I truly hope that you will feel the difference, and continue to use Email Marketing with ease.