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What are blacklists?

Blacklists were created to help deal with the growing problem of spam. The general idea is to keep a list of problem email senders and use that list to filter out the spam. In theory this is a decent idea and can help with preventing spam. However, there are cases where legitimate email senders can be added to such lists. It is important to be aware of blacklists and to monitor them in case you are added to such a list.

How to check if you are on any blacklists

There are a number of free tools online to see if you are on a blacklist. To get started with any of the tools you will need to know the IP address of the mail server that you are sending mail through. If you do not know this you can contact your web host or look it up here.

Once you know the IP address of the mail server you are sending with you can check that IP address against blacklists from free tools such as the following options:

What to do if you are on a blacklist

If you are added to a blacklist you will have options to have yourself cleared & removed from the list. Most blacklists have a page on their site to request a removal/exception from their list. Be sure to follow their removal instructions very carefully.

After you have requested a removal it is very important to audit your email marketing practices. Ensure you are using double opt-in subscription processes, that you have a very clear unsubscribe link with every mailing sent, and that you include contact information with every email sent.

A few number of blacklists may require a removal fee. In such a case you can look at your read / interaction rates before and after being added to their blacklist to see if it would be wise to pay the removal fee.