Posts from Lauren Minning:

How To Build Your Perfect Landing Page

Have you ever clicked on an ad and gone to a page that was only about one thing? That’s...
2 months ago

What is a Microsite (and Do You Need One)?

If someone off the street asked you to explain a microsite, could you do it?  This post will teach...
2 months ago

The 7 Best Tools To Use For Email Capture (and the Best Ways to Use Them)

If you were building your dream house, you wouldn’t start digging the foundation or raising the walls with just...
3 months ago

7 Crucial Confirmation Emails To Send Today (+ 2024 Guide)

4 months ago

6 Event Emails That Fill Your (Virtual or Physical) Seats in 2024 and Beyond

“Put me down as a maybe.” “I have to check my calendar.” “I don’t know, I’ll let you know.”...
4 months ago

Resending Email: To Do or Not to Do? Here’s How to Decide (and What to Do After)

“If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again.” – Thomas H. Palmer Resending email campaigns probably sounds...
7 months ago

Email Sequence: What It Is And 5 Sequences Ideas To Help You Boost Your Revenue

A well-done, automated email sequence is what makes your revenue look good. Get that paper (from a digital marketing...
7 months ago

The 3 Email Retargeting Steps that Will Win You More Customers

How do you make your email marketing reach the hard-to-reach people? Email retargeting helps you reconnect with people who:...
7 months ago

16 Killer Content Marketing Ideas (with Detailed Examples)

Trying to come up with an idea isn’t easy. You’re probably familiar with this common scenario: “I’m hungry. Want...
7 months ago