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Resending Email: To Do or Not to Do? Here’s How to Decide (and What to Do After)

“If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again.” – Thomas H. Palmer Resending email campaigns probably sounds...
3 weeks ago

Email Sequence: What It Is And 5 Sequences Ideas To Help You Boost Your Revenue

A well-done, automated email sequence is what makes your revenue look good. Get that paper (from a digital marketing...
3 weeks ago

The 3 Email Retargeting Steps that Will Win You More Customers

How do you make your email marketing reach the hard-to-reach people? Email retargeting helps you reconnect with people who:...
3 weeks ago

16 Killer Content Marketing Ideas (with Detailed Examples)

Trying to come up with an idea isn’t easy. You’re probably familiar with this common scenario: “I’m hungry. Want...
3 weeks ago

Here’s How to Build Your Best Product Funnel

A product funnel is a marketing funnel is a sales funnel. A lot of searching will tell you that...
4 weeks ago

How to Make a Killer Re-engagement Email Sequence and Win Back Lost Subscribers

You lose a quarter of your subscribers every year. Sure, people unsubscribe. Everyone knows that. But you’re actually losing...
1 month ago

What is Channel Marketing? Here’s What You Need To Know To Start

This post was updated on July 22, 2022 Channel marketing. Who knows what that is? We do.  And soon,...
1 month ago

How To Make A CRM Report (7 CRM Reports You Can Use)

Here are 7 types of CRM reports: A CRM report goes by many names, and there are a variety...
2 months ago

How To Write Great Copy (Even If You’re Not a Copywriter)

How do you write great copy if you’re not a copywriter?
2 months ago