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How to Use Landing Page Automation For Your Business

Marketing automation and landing pages are two of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing toolbox. They’re a...
2 months ago

10 Cold Email Templates That Still Work in 2024

Cold email is tricky. What do you send? Are there cold email templates you can use? Which cold email...
3 months ago

The 7 Greatest Sales Pitch Examples We’ve Ever Seen

“What does your company do?” “Why would I switch over to you?” “I wish there was an easier way.”...
5 months ago

33 Common Sales Objections (and How to Handle Them)

“I need some time to think about it.” “It’s too expensive.” “Just send me some information.” If you’ve ever...
5 months ago

Sales Development Representative (SDR): Definition and What the Job Is Like

Lead → Qualified lead → Customer Makes sense, right? You’ve got leads coming in, you figure out which ones...
7 months ago

CRM Implementation: 8 Steps for a Successful CRM Rollout

Using a CRM (customer relationship management) platform is pretty much standard practice—91% of businesses with more than 10 employees...
7 months ago

Sponsored Content: What You Need to Know (and 9 Examples!)

“Paid post” “Presented by” “Sponsored by” “Partnered with” “Promoted” “Affiliated with” “Powered by”
9 months ago

What Should Be in Your Marketing Report? 6 Things to Include (and Where to Find Them)

Your marketing report is a snapshot of your business. It helps you answer tough questions, like: Your marketing report...
9 months ago

Growth Decoded: Delivering Marketing Best Practices to Improve the Customer Experience

This article is a recap of “Growth Decoded” — a show that investigates the relationship between the customer experience...
2 years ago