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Calculate Cart Abandonment

How to calculate cart abandonment rate

If your shopping carts get abandoned, you could be losing sales without even realizing. This abandoned cart calculator shows you how much abandoned carts cost you – and how much you could make by adding an abandoned cart email.

Cart Abandonment Calculator

To use the calculator, input your website traffic, ecommerce website conversion rate, and average product value.

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Calculator FAQ

What are abandoned cart emails?

An abandoned cart email is an email send after a potential customer leaves your “cart” page without making a purchase. It reminds them that they have not yet check out.

How do abandoned cart emails work?

An automated email is triggered by shoppers abandoning their online shopping cart. You can specify the details of when to send emails, and how often.

How do I send abandoned cart emails?

Your email, marketing automation, or ecommerce platform may have abandoned cart functionality. ActiveCampaign integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce to send high-converting abandoned cart emails.

When should I send abandoned cart emails?

We recommend sending abandoned cart emails after 1 hour. A follow-up sequence with more emails can get you even more sales.

How many abandoned cart emails should I send?

We recommend sending about 3 emails – after 1 hour, after 1 day, and after 3 days. More than this risks annoying your shoppers. You can read more here.

Should I offer an abandoned cart coupon?

Coupons can increase sales from abandoned cart emails. Be careful that you don’t do too many promotions, because they can hurt your margins. You can read more here.

What percentage of consumers abandon their cart when shopping online?

75%. Three out of four shopping carts are abandoned. See more detailed statistics.

How do I recover lost revenue from cart abandonment?

Statistics show that when shoppers receive an email about their abandoned cart, more than 10% complete their purchase. See more detailed statistics.

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