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Integrate SaveMyLeads with ActiveCampaign

Add contacts and create deals automatically as soon as a potential client sends a lead to Facebook. Try our Zero Code service today

Facebook & ActiveCampaign Integration

You don't need to be coding to use SaveMyLeads. We've tried to create an intuitive interface with built-in prompts that will guide you through every setup step. To set up automatic data transfer, you just need to select a template for integrating Facebook Lead Ads + ActiveCampaign. After that, all that remains is to set a few settings. You don't have to write any code. With just a few mouse clicks, SaveMyLeads will perform routine data transfer tasks for you. Take advantage of the free 14-day access to the service right now, and you can try all its features.

Integrate Facebook Leads Ads with ActiveCampaign

How it works?
1. SaveMyLeads continuously scans Facebook forms for new leads
2. When the next lead appears, the system immediately transfers its data to ActiveCampaign in accordance with the specified settings
What do you need:
1. Connect Facebook Lead Ads account
2. Connect an ActiveCampaign account
3. Start automatic data transfer


  • Facebook + ActiveCampaign Integration Solutions: - Add Contacts - Create Deals Usage example: Looking for an easy way to migrate your Facebook lead form data to ActiveCampaign? Try SaveMyLeads. With this service, you can easily configure th

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Facebook Leads + ActiveCampaign Integration

Integrate, Sync new Leads from Facebook Leads Ads as contacts to ActiveCampaign, automatically in few minutes.

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