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FoneDynamics SMS with ActiveCampaign

Send & Receive SMS with FoneDynamics through ActiveCampaign Automations

Trigger Personalised SMS

  • Using the FoneDynamics SMS App you can send personalised SMS based on contact fields anywhere in ActiveCampaigns automations. Send your customers detailed updates that apply specifically to them and create meaningful interactions with your customer base.

  • Choose your contact field

  • Maximise the number of successful messages sent to your clients by optionally creating and defining a dedicated SMS field to ensure only valid and formatted mobile numbers are allowed and messaged.

  • Enable Bi-Directional Messages with Custom Objects

  • Speak to us to enable bi-directional messaging through the use of custom objects. Trigger ActiveCampaign automations, segmentize responses, opt-out messaging, message history on contacts and more.

  • Features

    • Create personalised messages with contact fields triggered via ActiveCampaign automations.
    • Complete flexibility of message content, send acknowledgements, order updates and more.
    • Branded SMS sender ID and dedicated mobile number support for replies.

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    FoneDynamics SMS ActiveCampaign Integration

    Automatically trigger text messages from ActiveCampaign automations. The FoneDynamics SMS integration allows you to create and personalise messages to your clients and define any sender ID you like whether that is branded or dedicated.

    Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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