Apps and Integrations

Integrate COZYROC SSIS with ActiveCampaign

Activecampaign integration with SQL Server and popular cloud services. Export, Import or Sync data from various applications and databases to / from ActiveCampaign. You can use any App, Service or DB supported by SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Bidirectional integration with ActiveCampaign service.

Connect SQL Server or any Database supported by SSIS to ActiveCampaign service. Import your data and automate your marketing funnel.

CRM, CMS, BI / Reporting integration with ActiveCampaign

Connect any REST API service with ActiveCampaign to supercharge your marketing campaigns and make a data-driven decision with BI / Reporting integration.

Analytics, Collaboration and E-commerce integration

Use analytics, survey or engagement data from Google, Facebook and popular apps to segment users in ActiveCampaign and easily trigger workflows and campaigns.

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ActiveCampaign Data integration package consists of three main parts

- REST Connection Manager - Stores the credentials and functionality for connecting to the ActiveCampaign

- REST Source component - Retrieves data from ActiveCampaign service

- REST Destination component - Writes data to the ActiveCampaign service

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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