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Meet our
Sales Team

The Sales team at ActiveCampaign stresses the importance of enablement, customer-centric solution selling, and career development for all of our sales reps at every level. Every sales team has internally developed and promoted reps from within, and the team continues to expand with no signs of slowing down.

How we work

Start with trust

‘Start with Trust’ is a core value at ActiveCampaign and a driving force for our Sales team. Being upfront with our customers and prospects, and laying out strategies for them to grow, helps us win business AND more importantly, prepares our customers for long-term success.

Celebrate success

Every unit of Sales celebrates in their own way, but as an organization, ActiveCampaign hosts a “Champion’s Dinner” each month that celebrates the top performer from each team. Anyone can also join the Sales Shoutouts where teammates and managers can celebrate the hard work and wins of any Sales team member.

Work hard (and have fun)

Our Sales team always goes the extra mile for our customers and prospects. Whether it be making an extra call or following up on a conversation, our goal is to ensure our customers and prospects can see the possibilities of ActiveCampaign. We won’t stop until that value is realized. Pizza, hot sauce, Cher’s ‘Believe’, and candy powers this team to finish every month strong!

Ready to join our team?

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