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Product Engineering Team

Meet our Product Engineering

This team orchestrates customer experiences across various facets of the ActiveCampaign platform. The mission of our Product Engineering team is simple, make every ActiveCampaign product a joy to use. Powered by a love of McDonald’s and a focus on solving customer problems, this team is always shipping software and providing value…#BIZVAL as they say.

How we work

Go fast. Be thoughtful.

Why iterate? We’re gonna be wrong! We want to ship fast to learn fast, which is why we create focused and concise scopes of work to pick up speed whenever possible. We live our core value of Iterate Everything, Always. Momentum builds credibility with our customers and our colleagues.

Collaboration and humility above all

On our Product Engineering team, reliability applies to software but also people—say what you're going to do, then do it. This collaborative team is always working cross-functionally to ensure all ActiveCampaign products are simple and intuitive to use. Everyone is encouraged to speak their minds while keeping an open mind.

Win together

One of the superpowers of our Product Engineering team is shipping software, and after a job well done this team celebrates together. Fishbowl game nights, custom swag, epic Fast Food Crawls, and post-launch happy hours allows the team to acknowledge their accomplishments.

The team in action

Ready to join our team?

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