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The ActiveCampaign Customer Success Commitment

We’re so committed to your success, we guarantee it. We’re proud to be the only Customer Experience Automation provider promising excellence in value, service, trust, and access.

Value Commitment

  • 2-Year Price Lock

    We will not raise the price of your plan tier for at least two years from the date you sign-up - as long as you remain in the same tier and contact limit. *

  • Easy subscription management

    Switch tiers up or down to find the best fit for your business. If your account is managed by a Customer Success Manager or you signed an annual contract, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss ways we can provide the solution that’s right for you.

  • Take a break and come back when it’s best for you

    Are changes to your business causing you to put customer engagement on hold? No problem - we understand and want to help. Pause your billing for up to twelve months without risk of price changes or data loss. Your account and campaigns will be ready when you are.

  • Only pay for marketable contacts

    Instead of charging you for inactive contacts (like those that unsubscribe or bounce), ActiveCampaign only charges you for the contacts you are actively marketing to, no matter how many lists they’re on. This means you don’t pay for anything you’re not using while allowing you to keep all your contacts in a single place.

  • We’re happy if you’re happy

    If you’re not satisfied with ActiveCampaign, reach out to us, and we’ll try our best to make it right.

* Price lock does not account for possible price adjustments resulting from use of integration partners.

Service Commitment

  • Free implementation and migration

    Our tiers are designed to provide everything you need to be successful, including built-in implementation and migration services. We’ll help you choose the best fit for your business, and if you want more than what’s included in your tier, additional services and ActiveCampaign Certified Consultants are available to help.

  • Free online training and support

    We regularly update our Help and Education centers with comprehensive Help articles, webinars, and videos that explain everything from getting started to building an advanced automation. You can also reach out to us via email or chat with any questions—our knowledgeable Support team is standing by to help.

  • Free accelerated and digital onboarding

    When you join ActiveCampaign, you don't just get a product, you get a community committed to your success. That’s why we offer free small group digital onboarding sessions from ActiveCampaign’s Education Team to help you ramp up quickly and get your questions answered in real time.

  • Unlimited community access

    Discover other ActiveCampaign customers who have similar goals or use cases, and get advice from other customers who have done it before. Quickly get feedback, crowd-source solutions, and learn about new feature updates.

  • Accessible hands-on training

    We bring ActiveCampaign training to you with affordable (and now virtual!) Study Hall sessions that take place year-round. Each session is hosted by a highly trained member of our Education team who provides in-depth instruction in different languages across several time-zones.

  • Value-added templates and guides included in your account

    One of the biggest hurdles for small businesses is knowing how to get started, and feeling confident in what you’ve set up. We provide email template recommendations and guides so you have “how-to” knowledge at every turn.

  • Automation recipes to help get you started — and now they’re predictive!

    Become an automation expert in no time with our robust collection of pre-built recipes and recommended automation flows. We’re now offering Predictive Recipes, which provide in-platform suggestions about which automations might be the most useful for your business as you look to grow and support your customers.

  • Certified ecosystem of consultants

    Search our directory of strategic consultants to find someone with the right skills and strengths to help you implement any process in ActiveCampaign.

Trust Commitment

  • Trust with transparency

    Compliant: Our highly customizable product and infrastructure helps ActiveCampaign customers maintain compliance with standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, so you can grow revenue without sacrificing customer trust.

    Customizable: In addition to industry-leading compliance standards, we offer highly customizable session management, and a simple, yet secure, password policy to ensure your customers’ data is safe. Review our security bundle to see just how we go above and beyond for our customers.

    Automated: We’re proud of our engineers, and support them with leading security scanning tools that work across every stage of product development and our live environment. We scan code and infrastructure daily, to automatically detect anomalous activity before your data is ever at risk.

    Proactive: Data forms the bedrock of your business. Our business is protecting it. We go beyond baseline security measures with offensive engagement that allows us to find and correct vulnerabilities faster than they can be exploited by malicious parties. You can be confident your data is protected.

  • Uptime is our priority

    Our goal is to ensure continuous availability of our platform. We work hard to make sure the product is accessible when you need it.

  • You own your data

    Your customer data outlines the history of your relationships. When you partner with ActiveCampaign, your data is always yours. If you decide to leave ActiveCampaign, we make it easy for you to take your data with you. If you just need a break, we will maintain your records for up to a year.

  • Expert deliverability

    We have a team of specialized experts that exclusively handle deliverability. In addition to their dedication in maintaining deliverability across our customer base, they share best practices to ensure you have what you need to be successful, and provide accessible group and individual deliverability education.

Access Commitment

  • The right to respond to every message you receive

    We believe that if someone has the right to contact you, you should have the right to respond. We are the only provider that guarantees that every message you receive from ActiveCampaign — across email, social, or text — comes from an account that’s monitored by real people who will see your reply.

  • Flexible solutions for companies of every size

    We believe all businesses should have what they need to create amazing customer experiences. Every ActiveCampaign user has full access to the industry’s only Unified Data Model, which makes customer data across your tech stack accessible and actionable — and allows for tools and services usually only available to large enterprise companies.

  • Inclusive to businesses around the world

    ActiveCampaign has customers in over 170 countries, and we’re committed to being accessible in each of them through a platform, content, support, and trainings in over 6 languages.

  • Delivering on CXA in every channel

    No one likes to feel they’re talking to a void. That’s why we’re available in all the channels that you care about — like email, chat, and social. Reach out to us and we’ll make sure we respond in a timely manner.

  • Your ideas made real for a better platform

    We’re constantly improving our platform to give you the best tools available to grow your business, and we look to you to help drive those changes. That’s why our engineering and developer teams are accessible to you through our Ideas Board — we’re constantly including what you tell us will make the platform even better for you.

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