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Grow your business with AI-powered automations that suggest, personalize, and validate your marketing campaigns.

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A woman working at a coffee shop, overlayed with a marketing automation with integrations from Square and Facebook, and automatic segmentation.
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Total Sales

All-in-one automation, email marketing, and sales engagement

Trusted by thousands of brands in 170 countries

Powerful automations that drive meaningful customer experiences

Connect with your audience on the channels that matter most to them. Build responsive, always-on email and marketing flows that go above and beyond your customers’ expectations.

A woman working on a laptop, featuring a marketing automation triggered by a user-defined goal and ending with a Slack integration that sends a notification.
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Capture Demand

Grow your reach with smarter campaigns

Find the best ways to grab your audience’s attention. Our email, SMS, and cross-channel tools power relevant experiences that drive more opens, clicks, and actions – so you can always capture the most promising leads.

A Spanish street overlayed with an image of a marketing automation that increases a deal score when prospects download a Spanish travel guide.
Keep Attention

Nurture and engage in just a few clicks

Boost customer engagement by delivering the personalized email, SMS, and digital campaigns your audience wants to see. Bring your most ambitious ideas to life with intelligent marketing automation.

A marketing automation that uses site messaging and automatic contact tagging, showing a free class offer for a yoga studio.
Create Repeat Customers

Win more business by scaling what works

Spend less time managing and more time converting. Our sales engagement automation and CRM tools help you prioritize opportunities, assign tasks, and get back the time to focus on the interactions that drive revenue.

An email marketing automation, triggered by a contact downloading a guide, which applies lead scoring and sends a follow-up email.
Two salespeople looking at a laptop, while the screen shows them moving a contact from the Interested column to the Engaged column in the ActiveCampaign CRM.

Instantly connect with 900+ of your favorite marketing tools

We’re more than email automation. Explore 900+ native integrations in our app marketplace and start building automations that trigger or respond to actions across your entire marketing stack. Anyone can create tools that do almost anything.

Big results for businesses of every size

We’ve helped customers in over 170 countries take their business to the next level. From entrepreneurs and start-ups, to enterprise organizations – everyone can find new ways to save time and money.

  • 233 %
    Increase in share of tickets purchased online
    ActiveCampaign lets us send email campaigns, automate features, and manage contacts by staff group. The holy trinity. Other tools couldn’t do all three.”
  • 47 %
    Email interaction rate
    To start with 100 artists and get to 100,000 with just one community manager shows that ActiveCampaign was the right choice.”
  • 786 %
    Increased click-through rate within the first 3 months
    Between two emails we did over $76,000 in revenue, and it was largely thanks to ActiveCampaign forms, tagging, and automation that we were able to do that.”
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    10 %
    Increase in monthly email subscriptions
    All these tags and triggers help us build a bigger picture in a much more multidimensional way than we ever have before.”

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.