Personalize Email Campaigns For Greater Effectiveness

Salespeople have known for many years that when you address someone by name, they naturally feel more compelled to listen to your message. The same is true in email. By collecting small pieces of information that are salient to your particular industry and target market, you can design email messages that will feel personal to the subscriber and so be more likely to inspire action.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing software allows you to create an unlimited number of custom subscriber fields, so that you can tailor your list to the demands of your market. You can then insert that personalized information directly into your email blasts with just a couple of clicks.

Take Email Marketing Personalization To The Next Level With Conditional Content

Addressing your reader by name and inserting certain details that pertain to them into your messages help to build rapport. But if you then go on to present a message that is not relevant to them, you'll break that rapport very quickly. And it could be difficult to win it back.

Instead, you can really take advantage of having the subscriber's attention by making sure that every single word they see in your message is directly relevant to their specific needs. How? By using conditional email content to determine which parts of the message will be sent to each subscriber. For example, if you have subscriber's in two different states, some messages may apply to readers in one state but not in another. Rather than listing the details for both, you can now opt to narrow down the information you're sending based on who will receive it. This allows for true bulk email customization.

Below, you'll see another example of this powerful tool in action. You can send one coupon code to newer contacts, and another coupon code to older contacts.