Email Segmentation For Targeted Email Marketing

One of the most powerful techniques for increasing the effectiveness of your email campaign is to segment your email list into smaller, more targeted email lists. ActiveCampaign's Email Marketing software provides an array of tools to facilitate email list segmentation:

  • Easily drill down into your lists based on any demographic information you collect. Since the software allows you to create any number of custom subscriber fields, you will be able to differentiate your email contacts based on any metric that is useful in your industry - including gender, age, location, or stated personal preferences.
  • Send out separate, targeted email marketing messages to each email list segment to decrease noise on your mailing list and increase consumer response. Customers will appreciate receiving only messages that are relevant to them.
  • Insert dynamic content into your messages based on any email address segmentation rule. This allows for true bulk email targeting, since you'll be sending your message only once, but every message received will be targeted to that particular subscriber.

There is no limit to the number of email list segments you can create, and each segment can be based on any number of criteria. This will allow you to gain increasingly fine-grained control over your email marketing segmentation as your list grows and as you become more familiar with the needs of each segment of your target market.