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Wufoo Integration

You can connect your Wufoo account with ActiveCampaign to have new form submissions added as new subscribers.

To get started, visit the External Services section and supply your Wufoo account name and API key:

To find your API key in Wufoo, visit the “Code” section, then click “API Information” along the top:

Your Wufoo API key will be presented to you. Copy and paste this key into ActiveCampaign:

You can then choose what Wufoo form you want connected to ActiveCampaign, and what lists and custom fields new subscribers should be added to:

This information is then saved in ActiveCampaign, so all new Wufoo form submissions will be added as new subscribers.

Common questions

“If I am upgrading to use the new Wufoo integration, will my old Wufoo settings still be honored?”

Yes, if you used our initial Wufoo integration (where you had to manually copy and paste the field names), those settings will still be honored even after upgrading your software to use the latest Wufoo integration. However, if you want to edit your integration settings, your current custom field mappings will be deleted, and you must delete the WebHook on Wufoo manually! The new integration will automatically create the WebHook for you.

“What information is required to be included on the Wufoo form?”

You’ll need to include at least the email address field that is available under “Fancy Pants,” as shown below:

The rest of the fields are up to you – but everything else would have to be mapped to custom fields in ActiveCampaign.

“How do I remove this integration from my Wufoo form(s)? I no longer want new Wufoo form data submitted to ActiveCampaign.”

Just click the “Disconnect from Wufoo” button along the bottom of the external services page, and this will remove the WebHook from your Wufoo account, so new form submissions will no longer be added to ActiveCampaign.