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Getting Started with the API

The ActiveCampaign API is recommended for any functionality needed outside of the main user interface. We provide a list of available API methods along with detailed descriptions of each parameter, as well as examples in actual code. Our blog has extensive API tutorials and examples. Our forum allows users to interact and ask questions about the API, often receiving faster responses than ActiveCampaign support can provide (but we try hard to reply very fast!). Lastly, we try to keep developers informed about important changes and updates to our API through our Twitter stream and mailing list.

What follows are general instructions of how to get started using the ActiveCampaign API. This will not delve into actual code examples or implementation specifics – for that, please visit one of the resources mentioned above.


The ActiveCampaign API is a REST implementation, and requires authentication (actual user account within the software, or valid API URL and key).

General Requirements

  1. Valid ActiveCampaign account (a trial account will also work fine).
  2. Familiarity with programming concepts and practices.
  3. Ability to submit HTTP requests from your server.

Obtain API URL and Key

The first thing you will want to do is obtain your API URL and Key.

“Admin” Group users can visit the “Your Settings” > “API” tab:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign administrative interface

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign administrative interface

Non-“Admin” Group users can simply visit the “Your Settings” section:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign administrative interface

Once you obtain these values, you can submit API requests by looking at our examples page to see what parameters are required, and how they should be formatted.

Reset Your API Key

To reset your API key (for example, in the event that it has been compromised), just click the “Reset” button next to the Key field:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign administrative interface

Confirm that you want to reset it:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign administrative interface

The API Key field will then flash blue to indicate that the key was changed:

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign administrative interface

Please note: once you reset your API key, all access will be denied until you update your applications to use the new key.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Can I still use my installation URL, username, and password to access the API?”

Yes, we still allow access using your account/installation URL, username, and password, but that will be phased out soon, so it is best to start using the new URL and API Key.

“When is it okay to contact ActiveCampaign support for API issues?”

Always try to contact us if you are receiving script errors, missing data, or anything prohibiting you from fully using the API.

If you have a more general question (such as how a particular API method works, or why your specific API request is not returning data), you might be better off posting the issue in our user forum where it is documented publicly so other users can help share their own experiences, and future users can learn from past experiences. We’ll always try to help as quickly as possible, but in many cases it is faster to submit to our forum, or use another one of the resources listed at the top.