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Unbounce Integration

You can integrate your Unbounce landing page with ActiveCampaign by creating a “WebHook” for form submissions that process an email address. When someone lands on your Unbounce page, and submits a form including their email address, that person will be automatically added to your subscriber list in ActiveCampaign.

Start by going to the External Services section of ActiveCampaign, and click “Edit” next to Unbounce:

You can then choose what list you want to have Unbounce leads subscribed to, and copy the URL that is used as the WebHook in your Unbounce form:

In Unbounce, choose “Send to ActiveCampaign,” and paste in the URL:

(NOTE: If “Send to ActiveCampaign” is not adding subscribers, use the standard “WebHook: POST to URL” option. Unbounce is aware of this issue and is working to fix. – 11/30/2011)

Click “Continue,” re-publish your landing page, and you’re set! New form submissions will attempt to add the lead to your subscriber list.

To map additional Unbounce fields to ActiveCampaign (as custom subscriber fields), double-click your form while in design mode:

Click on the field you want to map to ActiveCampaign, and make note of the unique field name:

Include this field name on this page alongside the appropriate ActiveCampaign custom field:

For further information, please view the help article on the Unbounce website.

Downloaded users: This feature is available starting with version 5.3.1, build 35.

UPDATE – 07/09/2013: When configuring your ActiveCampaign integration in Unbounce, make sure to click the “Configure Field Mapping” button so that all of your form data gets sent properly to ActiveCampaign:

Remember, you still have to configure the field mapping in ActiveCampaign as well (in the External Services section):