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Troubleshooting Auto-Import

Often times our auto-import feature may not import the exact number of contacts you’d expect it to. There could be several reasons for this. Read carefully for cautions, caveats, and suggestions.

Import from CSV initially

If you need to send a campaign right away, import everyone from CSV first. Then set up the auto-importer to capture any future additions or updates.

Auto-importers can take a bit of time to import everyone from the external service, depending on how many contacts you have. We only process so many contacts every 30 minutes, so you might not see everyone until a few hours. This is why we recommend first exporting a CSV (of everyone) then importing into ActiveCampaign, if you need to send a campaign right away. Then set up the auto-importer after doing the mass import from CSV to capture additions and updates.

Note: If you decide to do this, be careful with custom field mapping, as our CSV importer handles custom fields differently than our auto-importer. Our suggestion is to avoid mapping custom fields for the CSV import, then let the auto-import do the mapping (it automatically creates custom fields so you don’t have to map anything).

Contact limits

Your ActiveCampaign plan could be limited to a certain number of contacts. The auto-import will only import up to your contact limit and no further. Go to your billing/account page to see how many contacts your plan is allowed.

Valid email addresses

Only contacts (from the external service) that have a valid email address will be imported. Make sure to filter your external service view to only show contacts that have an email address before comparing the total number imported to ActiveCampaign.

For example, in Nimble you can modify a search to require an email address:

Duplicate importers

Although it’s currently possible to create as many auto-importers as you want (for each external service), we recommend only creating one or two at the most. The reason is that it’s easy to create importers that conflict and become confusing to keep track of. For example, if you have two auto-importers for Zoho going into the same list – one for “Contacts” and the other for “Leads” – you will see everyone grouped together in the same list, and it’s harder to decipher which contact came from which importer.

If anything create a separate list for each auto-importer in order to more easily determine if the contact totals are accurate.

Also, the more importers you have using the same external account (API credentials), the more likely you are to hit a rate limit for the external service, thereby denying access to any data until a certain timeframe has passed.

Name your imports specifically

We recommend naming your auto-imports in a unique fashion so it’s easy to tell them apart at a glance.