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Tracking Replies

One of the advantages of using an email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign is the ability to track statistics about your sent campaigns.    There are many metrics that ActiveCampaign track.   This includes opens, clicks, forwards, and more.    These metrics provide you with tons of information that you can use to analyze your campaigns.   Your analysis allows you to make decisions on how to proceed with email marketing – you can make changes on your content, create segments, and many more.

One other metric ActiveCampaign tracks is Replies.   With the reply management feature, you can track which (and how many)  subscribers reply to your campaigns.    You can use this feature to send follow ups and to manage the different types of replies that you get.

Benefits of reply management

  • Segmentation based on replies
    Have follow up campaigns send only if someone does or does not reply to a specific campaign (or any campaign)
  • Marketing automation based on replies
    Setup automations to run instantly when someone replies to an email.  You could add them to a new list, send a specific campaign, update subscriber data, and more.
  • Receive reply data externally
    Utilize our new webhooks system to automatically receive new replies to any external script.

A note:

If you choose to enable reply tracking, ActiveCampaign will set a reply-to email address that we manage.  The email will still be from your from address but if someone replies it will be directed to an email similar to (

How to track replies

By default, reply tracking is turned off.   You can enable it from the summary page.   This is the last page before you send your campaign.  Click the “options” link on the “Read (opens) will be tracked…” row.

Summary Page


Once clicked, you can check the check box to “Enable Reply Tracking”.    This will give you a pop-up letting you know that the Reply to and From email addresses will be changed.    Click OK if you agree.

Summary Page


Reply actions

You can also add actions to replies by clicking the “Actions” link.     Once you click the “Actions” link, you’ll see a pop up where you can choose the specific action that would take place once a subscriber replies.  Below are the 4 Action options.

  1. Subscribe – allows you to automatically subscribe a subscriber to a specific list
  2. Unsubscribe – allows you to automatically unsubscribe a subscriber from a specific list
  3. Send to – send a specific campaign to the subscriber
  4. Update custom field – update the value of a specific field
If you want to add more actions, you can do so by clicking the “Add additional action” link.
Once you’re done, you can click the “Save” button.    This will save the actions for this campaign.
Finally, once you have reply tracking enabled, and all options complete, you can click the “Send Now” button to send the campaign.   Once a reply comes in, it will be automatically tracked by ActiveCampaign.

Reply types

When we receive a reply to one of your campaigns we immediately log it and then instantly determine what to do with it:

  • If it is found to be a vacation or away message we don’t forward it to you
  • If it is found to be spam (with a 99% chance) we log it and don’t forward it to you
  • If it is found to be a “my email has changed” type of email we automatically update the subscribers email and don’t forward it to you
  • If it is found to be a human verification/challenge email we log it and don’t forward it to you
  • If it is found to be an “unsubscribe me” type of email we unsubscribe the subscriber and don’t forward it to you

If none of the above apply we will send the email to your “from” email address exactly how we received it.

You can view a list of all the replies (with the subject and contents of their message) by going to the campaign report page and clicking the replies tab.


Segmenting using reply tracking data

As we mentioned before, one benefit of tracking replies is you’re able to use that data to segment your list.    When a subscriber replies, it is highly probable that they are really interested with your campaign (or with what you are offering).  Through segmentation, one way of capitalizing on this is by sending a follow up email to subscribers who replied.

How to segment based on replies

We will show you how to specifically segment based on replies.   If you want to learn how to segment, in general, please go here.

1.   Go to your Lists page and create a new segment for the list you choose.  Give your segment a name.

New Segment


2.   On the segment creation page, click on the first dropdown and click Actions.   For this example, choose “Has replied”

Has Replied


3.  Next, select the specific campaign you want the segment to be based on.   You can also choose “Any Campaign”.   After this, click the “Save” button and you’re all set.   You have created your segment based on replies.  You can now send a campaign to this segment.

Has Replied Segment


More questions?

For more information about any feature of our Email Marketing software, please contact our Support Department. We would be happy to assist you.