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Reselling And Managing Hosted Accounts

We offer an extensive reseller program that you can take advantage of, to rebrand and resell our hosted Email Marketing service to your own clients. You can read about how to join our Partner Program and resell our hosted Email Marketing service on our site here: Private Label Email Marketing Service

Once you have joined our Partner Program, you’re ready to start creating and managing your clients’ Email Marketing accounts. First, you’ll need to log into your reseller panel.

Once you have logged in, you will see your reseller panel dashboard. From here you will have access to all aspects of your account.

Creating New Accounts

Once you have accessed the reseller panel, you will see a list of all client accounts registered under your reseller account. To create a new account for a new client, click on “Add New” on the right:


Once you click “Add new Account,” you will be able to type in the new account’s information.

The URL is the web site address that your new client will go to to log in to their account. If you’d like to use a custom domain, you can do so as well.

The client name and email address must be entered. We will never contact your clients directly.

The “notification email” setting should be an email address that you check regularly. Should we need to contact you regarding billing, campaign approvals, or abuse reports for this account, this is the email address we will use to contact you.

The pricing plan can be chosen from the “Plan” drop-down menu on the bottom. You can create a free 14-day trial, a monthly pricing plan (for up to 50,000 subscribers), or an email credit-based plan. (NOTE: If you create a credit-based plan, you will need to manually purchase and allocate new credits to these accounts later on, as discussed below.)

Once you have created the account, you will be shown the URL, user name, and password (which will be automatically generated) that can be used to access this account. You can now pass along this information to your new client.

Re-Branding Your Account

You can easily re-brand (or white-label) your hosted reseller accounts, by clicking on the “Default Account Settings” option:

Here, you can enter in the software name, which will show up on the top of the page when each user logs in to their account. You can also type in a URL to your own custom logo, which will appear on the main administrative login page.

There are several other branding options available as well, such as adding a non-removable header or footer to every outgoing email, removing our name and copyright information from the software interface, and customizing the HTML template code and CSS code, to modify the appearance of the software. To learn more about how these settings work, take a look at our Rebranding And Customizing The Software Design article.

The branding settings you specify within the reseller panel on our site will be applied to all new client accounts that you create, by default.

Billing Details

To view or modify your credit card details, click “Billing Profile” on the left:

All of your client accounts on your overall reseller account will be billed to this single credit card. It is up to you to collect payment from your resellers, any way that you choose!


Adding Credits to Credit-Based Plans

If you have some clients who are using a credit-based plan instead of a monthly recurring plan, you will need to manually allocate more credits to their accounts each time they wish to purchase credits. You can do that by clicking “Email Credits” on the right:


Here, you can see the total amount of credits registered to your reseller account. Under “Apply Email Credits,” you can choose which account you would like to allocate credits to, and decide how many credits you would like to add to that account.

If you wish to purchase more email credits, you can choose how many you would like to purchase under the “Purchase E-mail Credits” heading.

The credits you purchased are registered to your overall reseller account — it is up to you to divide them up among your clients however you wish, in accordance with your own credit based billing model that you have designed.

On the bottom of the Email Credits Management page, you can also see a Transaction History, which will show you how many credits have been allocated to different accounts in the past:

Questions or Concerns?

This article discusses the basic functionality of the hosted Email Marketing reseller panel. However, if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support department for assistance!