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Reseller CSS quick guide

As a reseller, it is important to be able to quickly brand your account to model the themes of your business. This can be done through logos, color changes, etc. ActiveCampaign allows for 100% white labeling through your reseller account by modifying the CSS.  Here is a CSS reference guide to help speed up the process. Below you will find an image of a portion of the ActiveCampaign platform, and then the CSS  code to modify the specified area. All codes listed are in the default colors. When changing the code you will click on “Default Account Settings“ within your reseller control panel, and then check the box titled “Customize Admin Section CSS Styles“. You will place the CSS codes in the box that appears.

As of July 2014 we are moving to a new layout for our header and thus new CSS classes.

Header background:
#page_header{ background: #000; }

Header nav items when hovering or selected:
#page_header .mainmenu li a:hover, #page_header .mainmenu li {background:#333; color:#fff;}

Header search input:
#page_header div.comp_options div.searchwrap{ background:#333; }


If you wish to hide the new Deals/CRM options add the following CSS classes:

.start-add table td:last-child,
.addblock-group[data-group=crm] { display:none; }
.segmentgroup .defaultopts li:last-child { display:none; }
.mainmenu_dl{ display:none; }
#site_search_autocomplete_results .title {display:none;}

Header Color: #uxheader {background: #0f3e76;}

Dashboard border: #uxbody {background-color:#edece7;}

Dashboard Body: #footerwrapper {background-color:#0f3e76;}

Dashboard Non-Selected Buttons: #uxheader .main_menu li a:link, #uxheader .main_menu li a:visited {background-color:#1475a7;}

Dashboard Buttons Selected: #uxheader .main_menu li {background-color:#edece7;}

Dashboard Buttons when hovered over: #uxheader .main_menu li a:hover {background-color:#edece7;}

Account Settings Buttons non-selected (button color, border color/width, text color): #uxheader .hdrwrap .act_menu li a:link, #uxheader .hdrwrap .act_menu li a:visited {background-color:#1a4d8a;border: 5px solid #10396b;color:#dadada;}

Account Settings Buttons when hovered over: #uxheader .hdrwrap .act_menu li a:hover, #uxheader .hdrwrap .act_menu li a:active, #uxheader .hdrwrap .act_menu li

Account Settings Buttons dropdown: #uxheader .hdrwrap .act_menu ul li > ul {background-color:#ffffff;border:1px solid #ffffff;}

Account Settings Search Bar: #uxheader .hdrwrap .act_menu li div.searchwrap {background-color:#749fd3;} 


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