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Replacing the Default Footer

We automatically add the following to all emails sent through our platform in order to comply with the CAN-SPAM act.

  • Valid Physical Postal Address
  • A clear and obvious way for subscribers to opt out

Your email may look something like this if it uses our default footer.


Some of you may want to replace this footer to match your email’s design. You can do this by using the email editor’s Personalize option.  You would need to add both an Unsubscribe link, as well as your Physical address (Sender info) to replace the default footer.

Replacing the footer using the Personalize option

  1. Add a text block to the spot you want to add the Unsubscribe link and Address (Note that they do not need to be on the same spot)
  2. Click on the Personalize button
  3. Click on the Message tab and then add the Unsubscribe option (Choose either Unsubscribe from a list or from ALL lists)
  4. Click on the Personalize button again
  5. Click the Message tab again and click the List Sender Info option (Choose either Single line or Multiple line)

Replace default footer

How to replace the default footer (Personalization Tags)

You can also manually type the personalization tags instead of using the Personalize option (You only need to use 1 Unsubscribe tag and 1 Sender Info tag to replace the default footer).

  • %UNSUBSCRIBELINK% – This unsubscribes the subscriber from the List the campaign was sent to.  This tag will be replaced by a raw link.  You can use the tag to link an unsubscribe image or text.
  • %UNSUBSCRIBELINK%ALL – This unsubscribes the subscriber from ALL the Lists on your account.  This tag will be replaced by a raw link. You can use the tag to link an unsubscribe image or text.
  • %SENDER-INFO% – This adds the Sender information on multiple lines.
  • %SENDER-INFO-SINGLELINE% – This adds the Sender information on a single line.

Once you’ve added these personalization tags, you can apply any formatting and/or styles you want.

NOTE:  You can add the tags above on a Message Variable.   To learn more about Message Variables, please go to this blog.

More questions?

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