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Replacing the Default Footer

ActiveCampaign conforms with the Can-Spam Act.    This law sets the requirements for all commercial messages.   The law requires (among other things)  that all Email Marketing messages must have:

  • Valid Physical Postal Address
  • A clear and obvious way for subscribers to opt out

To follow this law, campaigns sent through ActiveCampaign have an automatic footer added at the bottom of all messages that include an Unsubscribe link and a Physical address  (Terms).

Default Sender Info and Unsubscribe

We understand, however, that this footer may not match your branding.   So, we provide you with a way to replace the default footer so that you can style and format the Unsubscribe Link and Sender Information the way you want.

To do this, you would need to use personalization tags (NOTE: You should read the personalization tags article first to follow this guide).   There are 2 required tags to replace the default footer:  the unsubscribe tag and the sender info tag.   To add these, you could either use the Personalize Message link on your Message Editor, or you can type the tags manually.

How to Replace The Default Footer (Personalize Message Link)

Of the two, the easiest is to use the Personalize Message Link.  You just click the link fron the Message Editor.

Personalize Message Link

Then, you choose the Unsubscribe Link from the Message Options tab.

Message Options

After that, you add the Sender Information from the Other Tab.

List Sender Info

How to Replace The Default Footer (Personalization Tags)

However, if you want to use  tags, here are the specific personalization tags you need to use.  (You only need to use 1 Unsubscribe tag and 1 Sender Info tag to replace the default footer)

  • %UNSUBSCRIBELINK% – This unsubscribes the subscriber from the List the campaign was sent to.  This tag will be replaced by a raw link.  You would actually need to go to the code to add the tag to the <a href> HTML tag –> Ex.   <a href=”%UNSUBSCRIBELINK%”>Unsubscribe Here</a>
  • %UNSUBSCRIBELINK%ALL - This unsubscribes the subscriber from ALL the Lists on your account.  This tag will be replaced by a raw link.  You would actually need to go to the code to add the tag to the <a href> HTML tag –> Ex.   <a href=”%UNSUBSCRIBELINK%ALL”>Unsubscribe Here from ALL Lists</a>
  • %SENDER-INFO% – This adds the Sender information on multiple lines.
  • %SENDER-INFO-SINGLELINE% - This adds the Sender information on a single line.

Once you’ve added these personalization tags, you can apply any formatting and/or styles you want.

NOTE:  You can add the tags above on a Message Variable.   To learn more about Message Variables, please go to this blog.

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