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Rebranding and Customizing the Software Design

Our Email Marketing software can be completely “rebranded,” or “white labeled.”   This means that you can remove any reference to ActiveCampaign. You can remove our logo and replace it with your own. You can also customize the appearance of the software by modifying the underlying HTML and/or overriding CSS styles.

To get started, click the Account –> Design Settings button on the top right of your ActiveCampaign Software.

Design Settings

You will then be taken to the Design Settings page.  Here you can change the Software Name, the Logo, Add an Email Header & Footer, Customize the Layout, add a Favicon, and set other advanced settings.

Design Settings

Rebranding the Software

To change the name of the software (shown on the top of every page), type in a new Software Name:

Software Name

To change the logo to your own logo you would need to type in the URL of the image.


You can add non-removable headers or footers to all outgoing emails in the software.    This is useful, as it allows you to force any required message on your emails.  You can even just advertise your company or add a signature to all outgoing emails. You can also do this on the Design Settings page:

Header and Footer

You could also add a favicon that will display on the browser (on the tab or address bar).   You can add a favicon by scrolling to the favicon section and typing in the URL of your favicon image.


Customizing the Layout/Design

Scroll back up to the section labeled “Templates & Styles”.

Templates & Styles

Click on the appropriate checkbox to modify either the HTML templates or the CSS styles for the Admin or Public sections.

When modifying templates, you can add or edit HTML, but do not remove the tags (text that starts and ends with a percent sign – %), such as %HEADERNAV%.    These are placeholder tags for other content that is necessary to the proper functioning and display of the software.  You can also add other tags by choosing from the drop-down menu.

HTML - Admin or Public

When modifying the CSS styles, you are presented with an empty textbox, where you can add new or existing CSS rules. New rules could match up with any new HTML you’ve established as a template modification. Existing rules will override the style properties.

If you are unsure of which CSS classes to overwrite, you can find out which CSS rules apply to which HTML elements by using certain browser tools to examine the underlying HTML/CSS structure. If you are using Firefox, we recommend downloading the Firebug plugin.  However, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer also offer similar built-in features that allow you to hover your mouse cursor over certain HTML elements on any page, and subsequently view each elements’ CSS properties.

CSS - Admin or Public

Advanced Options

If you’d like to remove our company’s name, copyright information, and links to our site, scroll down to the bottom of the Design Settings page, and click the “Advanced Options” link. Doing so will display an additional check-box that will allow you to hide this information:

Advanced Options

To save all Design Changes, click the Update button.

More questions?

For more information about Branding or any feature of ActiveCampaign, please contact our Support Department. We would be happy to assist you.