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Monthly Plan vs Credit-Based Plan

Why the two versions?

Everyone has different needs.  Even Email Marketers.  For this reason, we provide two options in using ActiveCampaign’s Email Marketing software: Monthly and Credit-Based Plans.  Depending on your needs, you will find that these options provide you with the ability to use our software based on your Email Marketing demands.

In essence, the Credit-Based plan works best for clients who have a small subscriber base and sends infrequently.  Monthly Plans, on the other hand, works for those who have a big subscriber base and sends frequently.   It allows you to have more flexibility in creating a well-honed Email Marketing strategy. You can focus, not on minimizing cost, but, on maximizing quality exposure and contact with your subscribers.


Monthly or Credit-Based?  You choose

Monthly Plan   This works best for most people.   With this plan you would just need to determine the amount of subscribers that you have.  You pay a monthly fee and upload as many subscribers as your plan limit allows.

You can then send unlimited campaigns to your subscribers without worrying about the cost of each sent email.

Credit-Based Plan If you have a small list and/or send very, very infrequently, this plan is your best bet.   You purchase the amount of credits that you need and you send as many emails as you can with the credits that you have.

This plan gives you some flexibility in sending but it generally costs more per email when you’re on a Credit-Based Plan.


Quick Comparison

Email Sending Unlimited 1 credit = 1 email
Subscribers Depends on the plan No limits
250 subscribers

1 Email sent/mo/subscriber

$9 per month $ .03/credit = $7.50
1000 subscribers

1 Email sent/mo/subscriber

$17 per month $ .03/credit = $30.00
2500 subscribers

1 Email sent/mo/subscriber

$29 per month $ .03/credit = $75.00
250 subscribers

2 Emails sent/mo/subscriber

$9 per month  $ .03/credit = $15.00
1000 subscribers

2 Emails sent/mo/subscriber

$17 per month  $ .03/credit = $60.00
2500 subscribers

2 Emails sent/mo/subscriber

$29 per month  $ .03/credit = $150.00

More questions?

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